Where to buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Reservations now live

Samsung has confirmed that the next Unpacked event will be on August 10, but we already have a good idea of ​​what to expect.

The official teaser shows what the Galaxy Z Flip 4 looks like, while the Z Fold 4 has also been extensively leaked. But Samsung has also unveiled new Galaxy Buds and at least one new Galaxy Watch is on the way, with the latter our focus here.

Last year’s Watch 4 series launched both regular and classic models, but a new Pro model may be introduced this year.

While pre-orders won’t be live until after the event has taken place, pre-ordering the watch in the US is already possible, and it will save you some money too. Here’s everything you need to know.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 be released?

The Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event on August 10. You can probably pre-order it right away, with a release date a few weeks later.

In context, the Galaxy Watch 4 Series was announced on August 11, 2021 and went on sale August 27.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 cost?

Nothing has been revealed at this stage regarding pricing, but the regular Galaxy Watch 5 will likely cost a similar amount to its predecessor:

Galaxy Watch 4 40mm (Bluetooth only) – $249 / £249 / €269 Galaxy Watch 4 44mm (Bluetooth only) – $279 / £269 / €299 Galaxy Watch 4 40mm (4G) – $299 / £289 / €319 Galaxy Watch 4 44mm (4G) – $329/£309/€349

If there is eventually a Watch 5 Pro, it could be priced the same as last year’s Watch 4 Classic:

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm (Bluetooth only) – $349.99 / £349 / €369 Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm (Bluetooth only) – $379.99 / £369 / €399 Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm (4G ) – $399.99 / £389 / €419 Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 46mm (4G) – $429.99 £409 / €449

However, Leakler Roland Quandt believes there will be some small price increases:

Samsung Galaxy watch5
40mm BT ~300 Euro
40mm LTE ~ 350 Euro
Pink Gold, Gray, Silver

44mm BT ~ 350 Euro
44mm LTE ~ 400 euros
Blue, Gray, Silver

Watch5 Pro
45mm BT ~490 Euro
45mm LTE ~ 540 euros
Black, titanium

*price conversion and taxes may cause figures to differ from the actual suggested retail price.

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) June 22, 2022

Reserve the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 in the US

Unlike many other companies, Samsung won’t wait for the launch event to secure one of its new products, provided you’re based in the US.

You can currently reserve the Galaxy Watch 5 via the Samsung website. This does not obligate you to anything, but does mean that you are the first in line for pre-orders.

Plus, if you pre-order the watch, you’ll get $50 off the total cost if you go ahead with the purchase. If you also want to pre-order one of the phones and the new Galaxy Buds, you’ll get $200 off. That is in addition to the regular trade-in discounts that Samsung usually offers.

Unfortunately, that is not available anywhere else in the world. The closest you will get in the UK is the possibility to register your interestwhich will take you into a draw for a £1,000 Samsung voucher.

Where is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 sold?

Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed which retailers and carriers will be selling the Galaxy Watch 5 Series, but previous releases give us a pretty good idea. In the US, note the following:

In the UK, these are the most likely candidates:

We’ll update this article once any of these are confirmed.

What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series

If the rumors are true, a Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are on the way.

The regular model is expected to be an iterative update to the Galaxy Watch 4, but the new Pro model may introduce premium materials such as sapphire crystal and a titanium case. This may increase the display size, but the Watch 4 Classic’s rotating bezel is expected to be ditched.

Other rumors include the introduction of a built-in body temperature sensor, a larger battery and faster charging speeds. But there are plenty of other key details yet to be revealed – check out our full guide to the Watch 5 series for everything we know so far.

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