Where the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 . pre-order

Although it is not officially confirmed by Samsung, it is almost certain that the Korean tech giant will make the Galaxy Z Flip 4 official at its Unpacked event, which will take place on August 10, 2022.

On a poster for the event, we see a phone that looks suspiciously like other versions of this folding line. If you want to be the first to get your hands on the Galaxy Z Flip 4, we’ve got everything you need to know.

You can check out all the spec leaks about the phone here and take a look at the best new phones coming this year.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 come out?

No official release date has been given for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. However, we have a general idea of ​​when it will hit the shelves.

The phone will almost certainly be announced at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on August 10, 2022, so it will likely be available for release about a week or two after that (just like previous Samsung devices).

Pre-register for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung has a pre-registration link available to US readers. This is for the ‘next Galaxy device’ – which could very well be the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, if announced. If you register, you can get $100 Samsung credit to use when pre-ordering the phone.


If you also pre-register for the next Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds, you can get up to $200 Samsung credit with your purchase. Unfortunately, this deal is only available to US readers.

All you have to do is enter your name and email address, and you will receive a link when the phone is ready to reserve. However, Samsung will not be the only retailer offering pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

How much does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 cost?

We don’t have pricing for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 yet, but if previous generations have anything to offer it should be around $1,000/£1,000/€1,000.

We will add official pricing and configurations as soon as they are announced.

Where the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 . pre-order

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Flip 4 are not yet available in the US or UK. We will add links for both SIM-free and contract offers as they become available.

You can also see where you can pre-order the Google Pixel 6a.

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