What are the average salaries in Germany?

What are the average salaries in Germany? Germany has the largest economy in Europe and is a popular option for those looking to work abroad. Although migration has slowed since the start of the pandemic, the need for skilled workers in Germany has not diminished. Currently, about 1.2 million vacancies are unfilled. In fact, it is expected that this need will only continue to grow. This is positive news for anyone who wants to build a life for themselves in Germany.

While in Germany, the main sectors seeking international labor are areas such as chemicals, engineering, electronics, IT, machinery, coal, vehicles, machine tools, food and beverages, shipbuilding, textiles.

What is the minimum wage in Germany?

From January 2022, the gross minimum wage in Germany will be 9.82 euros gross per hour. This number will increase further in July 2022 to EUR 10.45 gross per working hour.

This minimum wage also applies to expats, international students and overtime.

With a 40-hour working week as a full-time employee, you therefore quickly earn a minimum wage of 1 702 euros per month!

While your annual income would be around 20,424 euros.

Meanwhile, German companies are clamoring for qualified personnel. Therefore, international applicants have good opportunities in many professions. While, Your career choice determines your average salary in Germany.


Germany suffers from a shortage of medical professionals, foreigners with a degree in medicine can move to the country and be licensed to practice medicine.

A senior doctor in Germany can hope to earn about 116,900 euros per year, while a specialist doctor can earn 78,000 euros per year.

Medical professionals (including nurses) earn 58,000 euros per year.


While all technical areas require computing power, creative and logical thinking. Engineers design, build and maintain a variety of complex systems and structures, from buildings to software.

Manufacturing and software are central when it comes to Germany. This means more job opportunities in the tech sector and also better pay.

The average salary for Engineers is 70,000 euros per year.

Mechanical engineer earns 52,000 euros per year.

10 Universities for MS in Mechanics in Germany

Meanwhile, an industrial engineer is in high demand and he/she is placed at a salary of 70,288 euros per year.


Lawyers are one of the most highly regarded professionals in the EU, including Germany.

While lawyers make sure that justice is done and an violator is taken to court and this characteristic makes it a tough profession, all the more reason a lawyer is placed for $75,000 a year.

IT sector

The average salary for an Information Technology (IT) Consultant is 55,147 euros per year.

Meanwhile, an entry-level entry-level IT consultant with less than 1 year of experience can earn an average of $47,417 per year.

An IT consultant with 1-4 years of experience earns an average of 50,762 euros per year.

While a mid-career IT consultant with 5-9 years of experience earns 59,613 euros per year.

An (IT) Consultant with 10-19 years of experience earns 64,752 euros per year.

Average salary of other occupations in Germany

Here is an overview of the gross annual salary of the top occupations in Germany.

Business advice
Distribution and sales
73 847 euros
64 173 euros
59 591 euros
57 720 euros
62 740 euros
Average Salaries by Occupation

How to find a job in Germany

The best search engines for jobs in Germany are as follows: So you can find new latest vacancies. You get permanent, temporary, part-time or contractual jobs.

Education-Based Salaries

Academics in Germany receive an average salary of 58,058 euros, as opposed to non-academics who earn 49,346 euros.

Holders of a master’s degree can expect a gross annual salary of 61,906 euros, compared to those with a bachelor’s degree who earn 54,210 euros.

How do you apply for a master’s degree at a university in Germany?

How to apply for a bachelor’s degree in Germany?

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