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WeWork (NYSE: WE), a leading global provider of flexible space, today announced the official debut of WeWork Workplace, a new space management solution built in partnership with Yardi, the leading provider of real estate software. WeWork Workplace provides businesses with a universal platform that enables office space inventory management, enhanced employee experiences, and space optimization through insights and analytics.

The spread of remote and hybrid work models, greatly accelerated as a result of the pandemic, has created new opportunities for employers and employees alike to fundamentally rethink the office and how we interact with it. WeWork Workplace combines space, asset, and workforce management capabilities, taking the guesswork out of designing a strategic work model by providing actionable data to inform decision-making in real time. As a result, the software aims to help employers reduce real estate costs while empowering employees to engage more purposefully with the spaces they choose and create more meaningful physical connections.

WeWork Workplace is the only product on the market that can combine all room types (privately rented/owned, WeWork and WeWork shared/connected) into a single experience. In addition, companies that may need spillover space have the option to provide their employees with access to WeWork and WeWork affiliate locations worldwide.

“Businesses today need to come up with solutions to bring flexible work models to life and optimize their spaces without sacrificing the culture, collaboration and productivity that happens in person. This is what we want to achieve with WeWork Workplace,” said Scott Morey, WeWork’s President of Technology & Innovation. “By combining our advantages in scale, speed and access to flexible spaces with Yardi’s industry-leading software and technical capabilities, WeWork Workplace doesn’t stop at booking agencies or backend insights. work.”

A one-stop-shop solution

WeWork Workplace combines the capabilities you need in one place to help build, manage, and develop any office space strategy. The software is intended to help companies:

Improve the employee experience across an entire portfolio. Dynamic, collaborative features built-in – interactive floor plans, team booking capabilities, overflow booking automation, visitor management, business announcements, and calendar integration make office engagement more focused and effective.

Manage and optimize all spaces, regardless of asset type or geographic location. Universal portfolio management – for all types of assets – enables use-centric office space strategies. Create user groups, spatial zones and navigate capacity and overflow management.

Future-proof real estate strategies through actionable insights. Make decisions with confidence by accessing stronger, more accurate data. Instantly view daily and building-level data, or view trends over time such as the relationship between bookings and occupancy, including the ability to sort by property type.

WeWork Workplace is designed to provide a smooth office experience for businesses of all sizes and to maximize their spaces for collaboration and innovation. WeWork Workplace is uniquely positioned to enable companies and their people to continuously adapt to a flexible world of work.

To learn more about WeWork Workplace and to sign up for a live demo, visit: https://www.wework.com/solutions/wework-workplace

About WeWork

WeWork Inc. (NYSE: WE) was founded in 2010 with a vision to create environments where people and businesses come together and do their best work. Since then, we have become one of the leading global flexible space providers committed to delivering technology-driven turnkey solutions, flexible spaces and community experiences. To learn more about WeWork, visit us at wework.com.

About Yardic

Yardi develops and supports industry-leading investment and property management software for all types and sizes of real estate companies. With more than 8,000 employees, Yardi works with our clients worldwide to drive significant innovation in the real estate industry. Visit yardi.com to learn more about how Yardi is Energized for Tomorrow.

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