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Watch blocked YouTube videos


Watch blocked YouTube videos


Today, YouTube has grown into an incredibly popular website where you can watch almost anything. The variety of information available to serve the public includes news, videos and movies. It features more than 2 billion monthly users and more than 30 million users per day.

But one of the most frustrating problems that you can encounter in this place is limited videos. The movie may occasionally be blocked by a specific user group, making it unavailable for a particular geolocation. This article explains why some videos are occasionally banned and how to get around the YouTube country restriction and watch the video in question. We will also talk about what a VPN looks like Urban Free VPN can help you access blocked videos.

Reasons Why YouTube Videos Are Blocked

Here are some explanations for why some YouTube videos may be restricted and you can’t watch them:

One of the most basic and major causes of restricted YouTube videos is this. All licensed content is restricted by copyright laws or other rules that restrict the distribution of content to a particular country or region.

The things that are accessible online are censored in many countries. Some countries restrict YouTube completely, while others only block certain types of content. These are typically the subjects that go against their moral principles and regional law.

How to watch YouTube videos that are blocked in your region?

1. Use a VPN

Using a VPN is the most efficient way to access banned YouTube videos. VPNs, which stands for ‘virtual private network’, serve two purposes. First, they change your apparent location by directing your internet traffic through one of their servers. By selecting a server in a region where the video is not banned, you can trick the platform into granting you access using this tool, which unblocks YouTube videos. Your internet activity is encrypted by VPNs as their secondary function. This prevents snoops from viewing the videos you watch while you are browsing privately.

2. Use a proxy

You can use proxies to route your internet traffic through one of their servers in another part of the world. Using this feature, YouTube cannot determine whether your material should be banned because it is not aware of your IP address. Unfortunately, proxy services are only a last resort for accessing banned YouTube videos. They can even capture your data, not encrypt it, so you can easily find out if you’re violating censorship or copyright laws. In addition, many proxies are slower than VPN services, which can lead to video latency or a shaky connection.

3. Smart DNS

Just like proxies and VPNs work, smart DNS can change your location by routing traffic through other servers. Nevertheless, because there is no encryption, connections made with Smart DNS networks are always faster. You must change the Internet address manually or using third-party programs. The DNS provider believes it has access to the countries or territories whose online content you would like to see this way.

4. Download videos

If video content is restricted in your country, the last and easiest option is to access banned YouTube videos. This is the safest method to access the banned video. We can obtain YouTube videos from many websites. In addition, there are web browsers that can help you download videos. Copy and paste the URL to download it. You can save the video to your computer or phone.

Why Use VPN to Unblock YouTube Videos?

YouTube is completely banned in several countries. China, Iran, Syria and Turkmenistan are included. Even developed countries like Germany and Denmark have temporarily blocked or restricted certain types of content. You can remedy this by using a reliable VPN whether you are in a country with a temporary restriction or a permanent ban.

The most reliable method of masking your location and therefore your IP address is through a virtual private network or VPN. Depending on the VPN server you connect to, it uses encryption to secure your internet traffic and hide your real location online.

This is called IP masking and geo-spoofing, and as long as you sign up for a reliable VPN service, you can access almost anything on the internet while maintaining your anonymity and whereabouts.

If you want to use a free VPN, use the Urban Free VPN, which allows you to quickly change your IP address to one of the several countries listed to watch YouTube videos that are blocked in your home country. A VPN is the easiest, fastest, and most secure option for viewing banned content like firewalls or geo-blocking is restrictive your access to YouTube.


So, these are your options for watching YouTube videos that are restricted in your country. Choose the option that suits you best, as each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

July 24, 2022Chris Price


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