Vonmählen’s High Six – Review

Have you ever turned down something and got it in your hand and thought, “Wait a minute, that’s a really good idea.

You know, here at Coolsmartphone we’re asked to review all sorts of products, from regular devices, to weird and wonderful and sometimes downright bizarre.

So when I received the email saying “Hey, would you mind reviewing our charging cable with a built-in bottle opener” from Vonmahlen, I thought

But then I looked at how well the company’s previous Kickstarter campaigns for similar gadgets were doing, well, it piqued my interest. So the High Six duly arrived.

What is the High Six? Well, it’s a USB-C to USB-C cable, a USB-A adapter and a 2in1 micro USB/lightning adapter, all of which fit comfortably into its sleek metal housing with an integrated bottle opener. In addition, the cable on the High Six has two strong magnets that hold it firmly together while acting as a place to place the adapters when using the other connectors.


Data and charging cable with fast charging capabilities (up to 60 watts) for your keychain. USB-C to USB-C connector Includes additional connectors for USB-A, micro-USB and Lightning Stainless steel housing doubles as a bottle opener Data transfer rate of 480 Mbit/s Compact size of 12 x 16.5 x 61 mm Weight: 16, 5 grams Available in three different colors: black, rose gold and silver

Charging Speeds

USB – C to USB – C = PD 60W 3A USB – C to Micro – USB = 2.4A USB – C to Lightning = 2.4A USB – A to USB – C = PD 60W 3A USB – A to Micro – USB = 2.4A USB – A to Lightning = 2.4A

I’ve had the High Six for a few weeks now and I have a full pre-production model that I honestly thought was perfect. It hangs on my key ring and has gone with me everywhere, and it has come in handy a number of times, not only for me, but also when someone asks, “Does anyone have a charging cable?” and connecting my S21 to my SurfaceBook, and of course the scream of “who has a bottle opener”

The High Six is ​​now available in black, silver and rose gold Kickstarter now with a 30-day campaign until November 25, 2021 with early bird prices from €19 for the first 48 hours (about $23/£17).

Early bird perk prizes (first 48 hours)

The single: 19€

The double: 37€

The triple room: 52€

Extras prices

The single: 21€

The double: 39€

The triple room: 54€

Shipping is expected in January 2022, and it’s definitely worth considering, so go to Kickstarter and get your promise.

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