Cybersecurity is an critical contemporary era to put in force in present computing structures to offer safety towards cyberattacks. There is a fast boom in cyberattacks, specifically post-pandemic. Thus, groups want experts in cybersecurity to defend private and touchy records from the arms of risky cybercriminals. There are a couple of jobs in cybersecurity with a huge pay variety of cybersecurity jobs. Multiple activity roles in cybersecurity are developing due to the boom in ransomware in addition to malware. Thus, let’s discover a number of the pinnacle cybersecurity jobs that pay past US$200,000 in 2022 for the maximum safety.


Top cybersecurity jobs that pay beyond US$200,000 in 2022



CISO or Chief Information Security Officer is one of the pinnacle cybersecurity jobs that provide greater than US$200,000 consistent with annum in lots of companies. The roles of CISO consist of carrying out worker protection attention training, figuring out protection targets and metrics, in addition to choosing and shopping for protection merchandise which can be critical for a company. This process function in cybersecurity is called the govt answerable for the data and facts protection of a company. It is critical to appearance after protection operations, cyber intelligence, facts loss and fraud prevention, application management, governance, and plenty of greater.


Bug Bounty Hunters

Bug bounty hunters are known as one of the top jobs in cybersecurity that pay beyond U$200,000 for being highly-skilled hackers. The duty is to detect security vulnerabilities and bugs in software before these bugs cause serious consequences in the nearby future. Any professional bug hunter needs to utilize the necessary tools to analyze issues to compose a vulnerability report for any organization that has issued the bounty. It is essential to have some fundamental coding skills and computer aptitude to earn beyond US$200,000 per annum from different companies.


Lead Software Security Engineer

Lead software program safety engineer desires to power and make a contribution to designs of the steady software program reference layout and enterprise-extensive answers to illustrate steady coding standards and practices. This is one of the main task roles in cybersecurity that expects the engineer to recognise device checking out of any code, programming language skills, write unit checks for test-pushed implementations, and lots of more. This pay variety of cybersecurity jobs desires to proactively discover and mitigate ability problems and defects in addition to troubleshoot a couple of kinds of code efficiently.


Cybersecurity Sales Engineer

A cybersecurity sales engineer is an important cybersecurity job with a pay range beyond US$200,000. This job role in cybersecurity is popular for driving and managing the technology evaluation stage of the sales process with technical knowledge and sales skills. There are multiple terms of cybersecurity sales engineers such as network security sales engineer, post-sales engineer security, sales engineer cloud security, and many more. The main role is to be a trusted technical advisor to prospective customers while managing key aspects of the sales cycle, and many more.


Cybersecurity Project Manager

A cybersecurity mission supervisor is one of the famous cybersecurity jobs that pay past US$200,000 consistent with annum in reputed businesses throughout the world. The activity position in cybersecurity expects mission managers to remedy troubles which can be designed to lower ability dangers that may be exploited through hackers. It is crucial to have the cappotential to navigate steady modifications successfully to layout and enforce company cybersecurity projects. The cybersecurity mission supervisor wishes to put together mission reputation reviews and behavior everyday conferences to paintings on progress, dangers, ability troubles, and plenty of greater with encouraged solutions.

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