Top 10 Best Apps to Buy Stocks in Australia 2022

Are you looking for the best apps to buy stocks in Australia? Well, I have a lot for you. Just read on to find the best apps to buy stocks in Australia. Smartphone and their app have helped to reduce the stress we have ever experienced. With your phone you can now buy and sell stocks from the comfort of your home or office. Gone are the days of queuing up to buy stock from a broker.

These best stock buying apps are simple and easy for anyone who wants to buy stocks. You can also check out some of our past articles on the best apps to buy stocks in the UK, US or Canada. There are a few features that I observed before adding these apps to my list of the best apps to buy stocks in Australia. These features include a user interface, commission fees, payment methods, and security. As for the last feature, I made sure to select apps registered with ASIC, ASX, and FCA. That said, let’s take a quick look at these best apps to buy stocks in Australia.

TOP 10 best apps to buy stocks in Australia for both Android and IOS


eToro app is one of the best trading apps in the world. And by far the best app for anyone looking to buy stocks in Australia. eToro is registered with FCA and CySEC as well as ASIC. This means you don’t have to worry about buying and selling stocks using the app. I will personally recommend this app to any beginner in Australia.

Because it only takes a few minutes to know how to buy and sell stocks. The user interface is so easy for anyone to understand. You can buy stocks for a short period of time. Or buy them and keep them in your wallet for as long as you wish. Once you’ve downloaded the eToro app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, you’ll need to deposit around $217. You can trade stocks without commission.

You can also use the app to trade forex, EFTs, commodities and even cryptos. Download the eToro app today and start trading. However, eToro may not be suitable for advanced stock traders as the app does not perform technical analysis.


Plus500 is another good app to buy stocks in Australia. This app comes with many securities you can trade on, in case you don’t know which stocks to buy. The Plus500 app supports top exchange platforms such as London Stock Exchange, NYSE and NASDAQ. It also supports a lot of Australian stocks.

And if you are the type interested in liquid stocks, Plus500 also supports stocks from Italy, Singapore, Hungary and many more. The minimum deposit for Australians on the app is $100. The Plus500 app is licensed with ASIC and FCA. So you don’t have to worry. The app accepts any kind of payment system in Australia.

You can also deposit money via bank transfers. Other features include zero transaction fees and thousands of CFD instruments. The major drawback of the app is that it does not offer traditional investment assets.


IG is one of the largest brokerage firms in the UK. However, the trading app is also well known in Australia. This app is best for those who want to diversify their trading portfolio. The IG app is best known for offering various market offers. You get over 17,000 CFD instruments. This means you get thousands of shares in different markets around the world. IG has an ASIC and FCA license.

So it is a safe and secure app to buy stocks in Australia. You can download the app on Android and iOS devices. Other features include a simple interface, more than 10,000 shares, high investment security and much more.

The app also has a great research tool to help you buy stocks. However, it has a high minimum deposit of about $250 and a $15 commission on all US stocks is another best app to buy stocks in Australia. It is considered one of the best as it offers around 3000 stocks from UK, US and Europe. You can also trade commodities, forex, EFTs and other securities.

The capital app has no commission and it is one of the cheapest platforms to use for trading stocks and shares. The app has built-in internet usage. It is very simple to use. And it offers dozens of trading guides to help you spot each trading opportunity. It also has AI software to help you get more profit on your trade.

The app is good for everyone, including novice and experienced traders. However, the app does not have a price warning. But in case you want to buy crypto assets, you can also use it to buy cryptocurrencies in Australia.


Eightcap is a new app with exciting features. The app has gradually found love among stock traders. The app is compatible with both MT4 and MT5, which is why many seasoned traders have taken advantage of it. Eightcap covers both the Australian and US equity markets. So if you want to invest in these markets, Eightcap app is best for you.

One good thing about the app is that it is incredibly slow and starts at 0 pip if you choose a RAW account. This RAW account has a low commission of £3.5 or if you want a zero commission account then go with the standard account which is like a starting pip of one.

It also supports any kind of payment system including PayPal, Skrill, POLi and many more. Eightcap is a very direct market with no hidden motives. Feel free to use the app and buy stocks. However, Eightccap has limited supplies.

6. Bet

The bet is an Australian stock app that offers US stocks. Stake was launched in 2017 and has since helped offer US equities to Australians interested in buying US equities. The app is registered with ASIC and FCA, which help Australians protect their wealth.

At stake is offering you approximately 2000 stocks and EFTs in the Australian stock markets and 6000 stocks and EFTs in the US market. When you buy shares on Stake, there is no charge. However, there are few fees charged when you deposit or withdraw money. Other features of the app include a simple user interface, biometric and two-factor authentication, a price chart, and much more.

The minimum deposit on the app is $50 which can only be made via bank transfer. However, the bet has little asset class selection and withdrawal takes 3 to 4 business days.

7.Commsec Pocket

The Commsec Pocket is one of the best apps to buy stocks in Australia which is offered by Commsec. Commsec is a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia, making it one of the safest and most secure apps to buy stocks.

The app accepts a minimum deposit of $50 for starters. The Commsec app only allows you to buy EFTs. It does not allow trading of individual assets. Don’t worry, the app offers several EFTs you can trade on. It charges a flat fee of $2 for every transaction you make. The Commsec app also has an educational section, where it uses videos and articles to teach new stock traders how to trade and win.

Finally, the app is integrated with NetBank. This means that if you have an account with the bank, you can check your Commsec balance and wallet through the NetBank interface.


ANZ is one of the best apps to buy stocks in Australia. Let me say it is one of the top four brokers with a robust share for purchases in Australia. The app covers all the top stock markets in Australia, US and UK. You will be taken to approximately 30 stock markets from Europe, Asia and Africa.

For anyone looking to look beyond the Australian stock market, ANZ is best for you. The ANZ app gives you tools to choose the best stock companies from the thousand they offer. Other features of the app include recommendations
for market analysis, a newsletter from intelligent investors, a global score screener and much more.

You even get to see what stocks other ANZ users are buying. This help will give you inspiration on which stocks to buy. The app is very simple. It combines banking and investing. As good as the app is, it has a high commission which makes it expensive to buy stocks. However, it offers discounts to its customers.

9.Self Wellbeing

Another app to buy stocks in Australia that we must see is the Selfwealth app. The Selfweath app is an online brokerage app launched in 2012. Its sole purpose is to provide Australians with cheap stocks. The stock app is recognized by both ASIC and ASX. That means it is safe and secure. One good thing about the app is the fee. It charges users $9.50 for any size of inventory and from any location.

Whether you buy Australian stocks or US stocks, the fee is the same. Apart from this fee, there are no hidden fees in transfer or any other form of trading. Other features of the app include no minimum deposit, which gives you tools to help you trade and accepts all payment methods in Australia. However, it only offers stocks from Australia and the US. So if you want to buy stocks from other markets, this app may not be the best for you.

10.CMC Market

The last app on my list of the best apps to buy stocks in Australia is the CMC Market. It was launched way back in 1989. It currently operates in numerous countries, including Australia. It is on the books of ASIC, which offers high protection to Australian investors. The CMC Market app offers both stock and CFD trading so that every trader has what they want.

The app is aimed at experienced stock traders, so beginners trying to buy may not find it very useful. You can also use the app to buy other assets such as commodities, Forex and many more.

Other features of the app include two-factor authentication at login and a trade analysis section to help you buy and sell. However, on the CMC market app, non-ASX stocks are expensive.

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