This projector that brings home entertainment everywhere is now almost 40% off

Everyone loves the convenience of being able to watch videos, TV shows, and even movies right on their phone. But at that size, it’s a solo experience. If you want to record your family or your friends, a small phone screen won’t cut it. With the BLJ-111 portable mini projector, you can take a giant screenshot to please your entire audience, all from a device barely bigger than your phone.

At less than eight inches long and weighing just nine grams, this projector packs a lot of punch for its small size. With ports for HDMI, SD, USB and AV connections, the device produces a powerful 800 lumens image, capable of projecting your content up to two meters in length on a screen size of approximately 1.5 meters in Full HD 920 ×1080 resolution.

Whether streaming from a phone or playing from a USB stick, viewers get a premium picture, expansive colors and a true cinematic experience you’d probably never expect from a device this small. Small but mighty, this projector even has its own innovative cooling system, which uses heat dissipation to ensure safe long-term use, as well as limited noise reduction.

Available in four different colors, the BLJ-111 Mini Portable Projector is on sale now for nearly 40% off for just $119.99 with the current deal.

Prices are subject to change

BLJ-111 Mini Portable Projector (Blue) – $119.99

Bring it home for $119.99

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