The Pay For These 8 Part-Time Jobs In Montreal Is Up To $28 Per Hour

The Pay For These 8 Part-Time Jobs In Montreal Is Up To $28 Per Hour

You may utilize the money from your side company just for gift-giving and let your friends and family know how much you respect them by doing one of the numerous high-paying part-time jobs available in Montreal right now if you need something extra on the side. What a thoughtful thing to say!

Worker Support — Social Services

Pay range: $23-$26 an hour

Inc. Alzheimer Group

Who Should Apply: Candidates must possess two years of experience in a comparable role, exceptional research skills, and strong communication skills (in French and English). Your application would benefit from having knowledge of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, as well as Quebec’s healthcare system.

Apply here.

Consultant for management

$20.77 per hour as salary

Office of Disabled Persons of Quebec

who ought to apply: Ideal applicants for this position are confident French speakers who are presently enrolled in school, particularly if you are working toward a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, social work, psychoeducation, or the social sciences. In addition to improving internal procedures, the function entails researching and suggesting best practices for drafting client records.

Apply here.


$20-$24 per hour as a salary

The Center for Psychological and Educational Consultation

Who Should Apply: Anyone is eligible to apply for this job, since it doesn’t specify any language proficiency requirements (Anglos, keep reading!). Daily and weekly office cleaning is part of the work description for a mental health clinic.

Apply here.

Assistant in administration

$22.83 per hour is the wage.

Department of Education

Who Should Apply: This post is accessible to French speakers with good organizational and research abilities who are enrolled in an appropriate academic program. Conducting research, maintaining bibliographies, and collaborating with stakeholders are all required.

Apply here.

Medical secretarial

Pay: $25.63 an hour

L’Agence Santé Service

Who Should Apply: This position would need you to help and soothe both patients and caregivers. Montrealers with DVS in healthcare aid are encouraged to apply. Kind and patient individuals would be good candidates for this post since, under this circumstance, moral assistance is just as crucial as physical care.

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Tire Assembler

$20 an hour is the salary.

Auto parts store and light truck dealership

Who Should Apply: While no fluency in French is necessary for this easy manual labor position, you should be able to handle physically demanding job. You would be fitting and balancing tires at a business that sells truck and automobile parts.

Apply here.

Director of Dental Health Services

Pay range: $25 to $28 per hour

Relationships Dental

Who Should Apply: You must have successfully finished a dental secretary training program and be able to communicate in French over the phone in order to be considered for this job! Additionally, a DVS in secretarial work is required, along with administrative skills that focus on the little details.

Apply here.

Employed at a Halfway House

Hourly pay ranges from $21.32 to $26.86

The CRC House for Children

Who Should Apply: This position requires you to coordinate activities among residents, identify possible issues, and maintain records of your actions. Bilingual individuals with college degrees in social work are urged to apply.

Apply here.

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