The best space-saving mobile technology for the home

Many gadgets have become an essential part of our lives. And with new gadgets and other consumer electronics launching almost every day, it’s hard to resist the temptation to get your hands on some really cool and exciting products. However, owning many things can lead to another problem: storing them and keeping them organized.

Fortunately, there are some smart gadgets available that can help you free up space and get rid of the extra stuff you’ve been using. They can handle more than one company, eliminating the need to use separate accessories for each individual product. We’ve put together a list of some of the best gadgets to free up space by helping you organize your stuff and minimize the number of devices you need.

Raptic Rise Headphone Charging Stand

Whether playing games, watching movies or listening to music, many people use headphones, but not many have a support to hold them in place. If you have a PC desk, a headphone stand becomes a particularly important accessory. The Raptic Rise headphone charging stand is one of the best you can get as it goes further with the addition of a wireless charging pad and USB port. The former allows you to wirelessly charge smartphones up to 12W and the latter allows you to connect a USB cable to charge the wireless headphones while they rest on the holder. Plus, there’s some space on the bottom where you can hide your extra USB cable.

The quality of the headphone stand should not disappoint. It has an aluminum frame along with vegan leather on the wireless charger and a rubber grip for the headphones to keep them in place. The design is minimalist without any fancy gamer aesthetics and RGB lighting, but it’s still a pretty useful product.

Raptic Rise Headphone Charging Stand

VanSmaGo 3 in 1 Magsafe wireless charging station

If you are the proud owner of one of the new iPhones and are looking for a MagSafe charger, this VanSmaGo charging station is a good choice. In addition to wirelessly charging your iPhone up to 15W, you can also charge your AirPods with 5W and Apple Watch with 2.5W at the same time. The cleverly designed product takes up minimal space while charging three different devices at the same time. You can also use it as a stand to place your phone horizontally or vertically, thanks to the magnets inside.

Moving on to the cons, the charger lights can’t turn off when in use, which could be a problem for someone who charges their gadgets overnight. That said, if you own multiple Apple gadgets and are looking for a MagSafe charger, this one is worth checking out.

VanSmaGo 3 in 1 Magsafe wireless charging station

Cozoo Desk Headphone Stand with USB Charger


Fixed power cable

12W power per port

If you don’t have enough desk space for a headphone stand, this great stand might be just what you’re looking for. The Cozoo Under Desk Headphone Stand can be mounted under a desk and used to hang up to two headsets. You can even put another little gadget on it like a smartwatch along with a headset. The headphone holder has three USB ports that allow you to charge your wireless headphones or other devices. The best part is the price as you can get it for less than $20.

The Cozoo headphone holder has received mostly positive reviews from users, but there are also some shortcomings. The charging speed of the USB ports is up to 2.4 A (12 W) per port or 4 A (20 W) in total. The charging cable is also attached to the bottom of the device and is somewhat short. Overall, though, it’s a pretty useful product, especially for those with less free desk space.

Cozoo Desk Headphone Stand with USB Charger

Firing 5-in-1 Charger


USB-A port with output up to 30W

Three USB-C ports, each rated at up to 100W

Wireless charging station for smartphones

Fledging Spruce is a compact multi-port charger, especially considering the power it delivers from all of its ports. It can charge up to five gadgets at once as it offers a USB-A port, three USB-C ports and a wireless charger. You can charge almost any device via the charger, be it a laptop, tablet, smartphone, smartwatch or portable game console. Speaking of charging power, the USB-A port supports an output of up to 30W, the USB-C ports deliver a maximum of 100W each and the power of the wireless charger reaches a maximum of 10W. The wireless charger doubles as a support and can be folded down when not in use.

You can find smaller chargers with a comparable wattage on the market, but the number of ports is limited and you don’t even have a wireless charging pad. If you have multiple gadgets, it will help you free up a lot of space and get rid of large power bricks.

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger


Charge multiple devices at once

It takes up a small amount of space

Nightstand for Apple Watch

Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger wirelessly charges an iPhone, watch or AirPods and can be folded in half when not in use. On the one hand, you get an Apple Watch charger that flips open so you can snap the watch into place. The other half of the MagSafe Duo comes with a Qi-certified wireless charger that can charge your iPhone, AirPods, or other Qi-enabled devices up to 14W. Moreover, as the name suggests, it supports MagSafe charging on all iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. While traveling, this charger can be a great companion as it takes up much less space when folded.

However, the MagSafe Duo charger is expensive. And despite costing so much, it doesn’t come with a charging pad. That said, if you’re looking for genuine Apple products and this charger fits your budget, you should definitely check it out.

Apple MagSafe Duo Charger

Samsung Duo wireless charger

The Wireless Charger Duo can charge two Samsung devices at the same time: a smartphone or headphones on the left and a smartwatch or headphones on the right. In addition, thanks to its compact and slim design, it takes up minimal space. The charging speed for smartphones reaches a maximum of 15W, the fastest supported by Samsung phones. There is also a fan in the charger to keep your mobile cool while charging. In addition, you will also find a 25 W adapter and a charging cable in the box.

As for the cons, the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo is a bit expensive. Also, the included charging cable is a bit short. Anyway, if you own a Samsung smartphone along with its smartwatch or wireless earbuds, the Wireless Charger Duo is worth buying.

Samsung Duo wireless charger

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