The Apple Watch ‘Pro’ may be getting its first redesign since 2018

The new watch will reportedly have a screen that is seven percent larger (Picture: EPA)

The Apple rumors are buzzing again, and this time details about Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 are making the rounds.

According to a report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the latest version of the smartwatch will have the largest display yet. This probably means a major redesign.

The last time Apple’s smartwatch got a redesign was in 2018 when it introduced the Series 4.

In his most recent newsletter, Gurman says the Apple Watch “Pro” will feature a fresh design that will be “a lot bigger” than current Series 7 models.

The new watch will reportedly have a screen that is seven percent larger.

The latest version of the smartwatch has the largest display yet (Credits: REUTERS)

“It won’t have those rumored flat sides either,” he adds, noting that the redesign will represent “an evolution of the current rectangular shape.”

In addition, Apple will reportedly use “a more durable titanium formulation” for the case, making it much more suitable for extreme sports.

Gurman also hinted at a bigger battery and Apple’s long-rumored ‘Low Power Mode’ that allows the wearable to last for several days on a single charge.

The new watch may also include the body temperature sensor that Apple is preparing for the entire Series 8.

Apple will release the new watch in a flurry of new products this fall, including four iPhone 14 devices, a set of new iPads, three Apple Watches, several M2/M3 upgraded Macs, a pair of redesigned AirPods Pro buttons, a new HomePod, and an upgraded Apple TV model.

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