The AmazonBasics Aurora Vista 1500 UPS Review: Reasonable Power

AmazonBasics is a private label of products owned by Amazon. The subsidiary was founded in 2009 and initially offered only basic products such as cables and office supplies. Every day more and more products are added under the AmazonBasics label. Today Amazon sells thousands of products under the AmazonBasics label, ranging from paper clips to living room sets. The one common point of all these products is that they are priced very aggressively and usually sell for significantly less than any other competitive product from an established brand.

In this review, we take a look at a very popular low-cost UPS that Amazon distributes under the AmazonBasics label, the AmazonBasics Aurora Vista 1500VA. As the name suggests, it is a very simple design with minimal features, but it is priced very aggressively. Taking into account Amazon’s reputable customer service, it seems like a great deal for that kind of output.

AmazonBasics Aurora Vista 1500 VA UPS Power Capacity 1500VA/900W Output Voltage 230 VAC Input Voltage 170-280 VAC Type Backup True Sinewave No Battery Lead Acid, 2x 12V/9Ah Backup time at full load < 1 min Backup time at half load Approx. 5 min Battery -Sockets with back 3 (Type F) Surge protected outlets No USB-A outputs No Ethernet surge protection Yes LCD display Yes Dimensions 139 x 364 x 195 mm Weight 10.7 kg

The AmazonBasics Aurora Vista 1500 VA UPS

We received the Aurora Vista 1500 VA UPS in a very plain cardboard box with nothing but the Amazon logo on it. Inside the box, the unit is protected by thick foam sheets for packaging. In the box we found only an AC power cable, a USB cable and a manual.

The external design of the Aurora Vista 1500 VA is modest. Measuring 139mm × 364mm × 195mm (W × D × H), it is relatively compact for a 1500 VA device. The power factor of this device is poor, so the actual power is only 900 watts.

The LCD display of the Aurora Vista 1500 VA is always on as long as the UPS is connected to a power source, regardless of whether the UPS is turned off or not. If it is not connected to a power source, the LCD will be on continuously while the UPS is running, but will turn off when the UPS is turned off – otherwise the continuous power consumption would destroy the batteries within hours.

The screen of the Aurora Vista 1500 VA is basic and has very poor viewing angles. It is almost impossible to read the screen if you are not directly in front of the device. The information displayed is only the current status of the device, input and output voltage, and battery/charge status in 25% increments.

We have received the EU/DE version of the device, therefore it has three standard Schuko output plugs. Unlike some products where some output plugs only act as surge arresters and are not connected to the battery output, all three Schuko plugs are connected to the battery backup. The number and type of output plugs depend on the region/country where the UPS is sold, with Amazon also offering a version with C13 output plugs. All versions have the typical IEC C14 input plug, as well as a USB port and an RJ45 surge protector. A simple but effective resettable circuit breaker is placed in the lower left corner of the back.

The device’s fan only turns on when the device is charging the batteries or running on backup battery. It has only one speed and is clearly audible. Placing this unit in a bedroom, or any other area where noise is a concern, would be a poor choice if there are frequent mains failures. The air inlets are small openings at the top and bottom of the unit, which is a simple yet very effective design.

The front of the device can be removed to access the battery compartment. However, it cannot be easily pulled off as a screw on the underside of the fascia holds it in place. Once the screw is removed, the fascia can be snapped off the main unit simply by applying a significant amount of force. Behind it we see two batteries secured with a metal bracket. The metal bracket is not fixed and can be removed by simply pulling it upwards.

Once the metal bracket has been removed, the batteries can be easily pulled out of the device. The wires are not very long and must be removed before the batteries are pulled out completely. Only the top and bottom connectors need to be removed to pull the batteries out, but the middle bridge obviously needs to be transferred to the replacement batteries before reinserting them into the unit.

The manufacturer of the two batteries is Leoch, a Chinese manufacturer that is one of the largest in the world. Leoch batteries are considered at least average quality or better, making them a great choice for a low-cost UPS. The AmazonBasics Aurora Vista 1500 VA unit has two 12V 9Ah batteries connected in series (24V 9Ah output).

Splitting open the UPS reveals a substantial transformer attached to the lower half of the body, while the circuit is attached to the top. The components are strategically placed to collect the airflow coming out of the side inlet vents. The OEM of the Aurora Vista 1500 VA is Lian Zheng Electronic Co Ltd, a Chinese OEM of industrial electronic products. That name probably means nothing to most readers, but Lian Zheng is actually one of the largest and most renowned UPS OEMs in the world. Many products sold under premium brand names are actually manufactured by them.

The circuit is, as expected, extremely basic. All capacitors are electrolytic and supplied by Jamicon, a well-known but mediocre manufacturer. The eight main MOSFETS are IRF 3205. These are commonly found in low cost power electronics because they are very cheap and reliable. Their performance and/or efficiency isn’t great considering they were released over two decades ago. A single 7812CT voltage regulator can also only be found on an oversized heat sink.

The relays are supplied by Song Chuan, a highly reputable Chinese manufacturer with a huge global presence. They are not the best relays available, but they are certainly better than we expected in a product of this price range and design philosophy.

Last but not least, the fan is supplied by Sunon. Sunon is one of the most renowned fan manufacturers in the world, if not the most reputable. In addition, the fan in the AmazonBasics Aurora Vista 1500 VA UPS is a Maglev MB60251V1 with a magnetic levitation motor, an inspiring long life design. We rarely see fans like this in high-end products, and we certainly didn’t expect to find one in an entry-level UPS.

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