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WhatsApp allows users to send messages in their preferred languages, just follow these simple steps

New Delhi: Like many other messaging apps, WhatsApp has also set English as the default language. But many users may not know that they can change the language of the app at any time. It is important to note that when the app asks the users for their preferred language during the installation process, you … Read more

Meta Shuts Down Pakistani Hackers Targeting Indian Officials Through Honey Capture, Malware

New Delhi: Meta (formerly Facebook) cracked down on a cyber-espionage operation linked to state-sponsored bad actors in Pakistan that targeted people in India, including military and government officials, using various methods, such as trapping honey and infiltrating their devices with malware. Aside from India, the group of hackers in Pakistan — known in the security … Read more

Meta Likely to Invest $3M in Indian Startups’ Better Opinions: Report

New Delhi: Meta (formerly Facebook) wants to invest in an Indian startup called Better Opinions, an event trading platform that will allow users in the country to exchange their opinions on categories such as cricket, football, finance and entertainment and win money, the reported the media friday. The platform allows users to trade on events … Read more

Snapchat Parents Bad Quarter Destroys $80 Billion in Ad Industry Market Cap

Facebook owner Meta Platforms, Google owner Alphabet and other companies selling online ads lost about $80 billion in combined market cap on Thursday after Snap published poor quarterly results and warned of uncertain prospects. Plagued by a weakening economy, increased competition from TikTok, and recent privacy changes on iPhones, the Snapchat owner missed Q2 revenue … Read more

Meta’s Facebook Growth Sees Misery In India – The Biggest Market

On Feb. 2, when Meta Platforms reported Facebook’s first quarterly decline in daily users, the financial chief identified higher mobile data costs as a unique obstacle slowing growth in India’s largest market. On the same day, the US tech group posted the findings of its own investigation into Facebook’s activities in India to an internal … Read more

Whatsapp Facebook Delays Inquiry On Privacy Policy Competition Commission To Delhi HC

New Delhi: Competition Commission of India (CCI) told the Delhi High Court on Thursday it was unable to move an inch in its 2021 WhatsApp privacy policy investigation over a court order that gave Facebook and Whatsapp time to submit responses related to the probe.Also Read – Now Anyone Can Migrate WhatsApp Chats from Android … Read more

Company called META. sues Meta for stealing his name

A company that says it has used the Meta name for more than a decade is suing the parent company of Facebook and Instagram for “brutally infringing fundamental intellectual property rights” with its rebranding last year. New York-based virtual reality company META.is is suing Meta in Manhattan federal court, according to a complaint made public … Read more

Twitter Update: After Hindi and English, Company Launches Tamil Topics for Android, iOS and Web Users | Declaration inside

Twitter Update: After English and Hindi, Microblogging site Twitter has introduced India Topics, a content-based post filter, in Tamil. As a reminder, the company had introduced English and Hindi in Topics for Indian users in October 2020. With this new update, Tamil language users can follow interesting topics such as movie personality, sports club or … Read more

Internal Facebook memo undermines key antitrust defense: report

An internal memo provided to Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg in 2018 undermines a key element of the Facebook parent’s defense against an impending antitrust crackdown, according to a report on Tuesday. Information included in the so-called “Cunningham Memo,” written by ex-Facebook senior data scientist Thomas Cunningham, suggested that the social media giant was most concerned … Read more

Your Instagram video posts will be rolling soon. here’s how

San Francisco: Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has confirmed that it is testing a change that turns video posts into roles. According to sure naira, the company said the change, which is currently being tested with select users around the world, is part of Instagram’s plan to simplify video on the app.Also Read – Facebook begins … Read more