Startup of the week: thelittleloop

thelittleloop was founded in 2019 by Charlotte Morley. The startup welcomes you to their shared wardrobe and offers a new way to dress up your kids. Charlotte threw the little barrel to the dragons at Dragons’ Den in 2022.


What is the little loop?

As a small team, thelittleloop offers a solution to the broken system of fast fashion in children’s clothing. thelittleloop uses a simple model of flexible plans to keep children’s fashion in circulation. Each subscription gives users a certain number of credits, which can be used for a range of durable – but still beautiful – children’s clothing. Once your little one has outgrown the item, take it back to thelittleloop, and they will deposit the funds back into your account so you can use them for other items.

“This is a broken system. One that encourages us to keep buying cheap and new, spitting out clothes in ever-increasing quantities, not thinking about what will happen to those clothes in the end.”

Who founded thelittleloop?

thelittleloop was founded by Charlotte Morley in 2019 while she was on maternity leave from retailer Notonthehighstreet. She took the plunge into the unknown and set up the small loop. On her website, Charlotte highlights how ethical practices are at the heart of thelittleloop:

“The hand-me-downs were great, but never enough, and often not to my (or my daughter’s) taste. Buying new wasn’t fun – I wanted to get ethical brands but couldn’t justify the cost, but still felt guilty buying on the high street because I knew it was unsustainable and workers were being mistreated.”

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Why was thelittleloop founded?

Startup thelittleloop was founded as a way to revolutionize the way parents dress their children. Founder Charlotte wanted to create a system that would not only make life easier for parents, but one that would help the planet.

“I think dressing your kids should be fun. It shouldn’t make you feel guilty, poor, or stressed. Because parents’ precious time is so precious. Because you need to be able to get the clothes your child needs (and likes!) when they need them. And because you should be able to get rid of them just as easily, knowing they are going to another loving home.”

Charlotte Morley, founder and CEO of thelittleloop

How did thelittleloop do in Dragons’ Den?

In 2022, thelittleloop came to our screens and into the dragon’s lair. Charlotte presented the children’s circular economy startup to the dragons and received a £140,000 investment from Deborah Meaden and Steven Bartlett, for a 25% stake.

On her website, Deborah outlines her reasoning behind the investment:

“Charlotte saw a gap in an important market when it comes to offering children’s clothing in the circular economy. The ability to choose, wear and return clothes to fulfill our desire for “new” and to keep up with fashion and of course the ever-growing children, but without the guilt of a growing area that will play an important role in the fashion industry reducing the impact on the planet.”

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