Snowflake Native Application Framework aims to help developers build and monetize apps

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, has launched a Native Application Framework to enable developers to build, monetize and deploy applications.

Developers can currently build and monetize applications in private preview on the Snowflake Marketplace, and consumers can securely install and run these applications directly in their Snowflake instances, reducing the need to move data. Snowflake is committed to providing its customers and partners with the best platform for building data-intensive applications, and Snowflake’s Native Application Framework is an important milestone in that journey.

The Native Application Framework allows developers to privately build applications with Snowflake functionalities such as stored procedures, user-defined functions (UDFs), and user-defined table functions (UDTFs). Capabilities, including the Streamlit integration for developing interactive customer interfaces and telemetry functions, including events and alerts for monitoring and troubleshooting, are also under development.

Snowflake’s Native Application Framework accelerates application development by building on Snowflake’s high availability and disaster recovery, global collaboration capabilities, and security posture, so developers in the Data Cloud can focus on functionality, not operational load. In addition, developers can distribute and monetize their applications through Snowflake Marketplace to Snowflake’s 6,300 customers (as of April 30, 2022).

These applications run within end-customers’ Snowflake accounts, meaning there’s no need to move or share data, allowing developers to deliver optimal functionality without having to manage sensitive customer data.

Capital One Software, Capital One’s enterprise B2B software division, uses Snowflake’s Native Application Framework to build and deploy native applications in the Data Cloud.

Salim Syed, VP, Slingshot Engineering for Capital One Software, said, “With Snowflake’s ability to build, distribute and deploy applications natively in the Data Cloud, we will be able to deliver value to customers quickly.

“After launching Capital One Slingshot, a data management solution for customers of Snowflake’s Data Cloud, we saw the potential of the Snowflake Native Applications Framework and the greater opportunity to reach more customers to help them optimize the efficiency of their Snowflake usage with the Slingshot app for Snowflake Marketplace.”

Other customers and partners, including LiveRamp and Informatica, have developed applications for use cases including cloud cost management, identity resolution, and data integration using the Native Application Framework. For example, Informatica plans to develop the Informatica Enterprise Data Integrator as a native application that will allow customers to easily integrate enterprise application data into the Data Cloud. Snowflake’s Google Analytics Connector and the ServiceNow Connector, both in private preview, were also built using the Native Application Framework.

Snowflake enters a new era of collaboration with native applications
By extending Snowflake Marketplace with applications running natively in the Data Cloud, customers can:

● Get value faster by discovering and installing applications in just a few clicks.
● Improve security and management by running applications directly in their Snowflake instances.
● Access advanced technologies such as global data cleanroom applications from partners such as Habu for expanded collaboration efforts.

Chris Child, senior director, product management, Snowflake, said: “Applications have been part of Snowflake’s DNA from day one.

“The Snowflake Native Application Framework empowers every customer to step into the future with a seamless way to build, distribute, and use native applications in the Data Cloud.”

Applications are an integral part of Snowflake’s extensive partner ecosystem. As of April 30, 2022, more than 425 Powered by Snowflake partners have built applications that use Snowflake as their data infrastructure, including Aladdin of BlackRock, Okta Inc. and Warner Music Group. With Snowflake, partners can expand their customer base and get the support they need to build better applications at scale.

Together with Streamlit, acquired in March 2022, Snowflake will further provide developers and data scientists with a single, powerful platform to discover, collaborate and build next-generation applications. Developers can now build applications with the tools they love, with simplified data access and governance.

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