Slack Pro will get more expensive in September

The popular business messaging platform Slack has announced that it will be increase the price of his Pro subscription for the first time, while also making significant changes to the free plan.

Beginning September 1, monthly Pro plans will increase by 9%, from $8 to $8.75 per user, per month, and annual Pro plans will increase by 8%, from $6.67 to $7.25 per user , per month.

Customers who want to stay on the existing annual Pro price of $6.67 per month for another year can do so by renewing an existing annual subscription before September 1, or by upgrading from a monthly Pro subscription to a monthly Pro subscription before the same date. year subscription.

Companies currently using Slack’s $12.50 per month Business Plus, or custom business plans, will not be affected by the price increases.

What will change for free users?

Changes to Slack’s free offering will also take effect September 1.

Currently, users of the free plan have a limit of 10,000 messages and 5 GB of file storage. Going forward, free users will instead have full access to their message history and file storage for the past 90 days.

There will also be extensive access to premium features such as ‘Clips’, a video and audio messaging tool that allows users to send short recordings to colleagues via direct messages or to channels. Free teams can now also set a custom retention period for their messages and files.

In a blog post Outlining the changes, Slack said the price increases reflect the value added to the platform since it first launched in 2014 and help “ensure that [Slack] can continue to invest in innovation.”

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