Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Connected Customer

Learn how the definition of the ‘connected customer’ has changed as a result of the pandemic. Is brand loyalty tested as consumers now use multiple touchpoints? And how have customer service technologies evolved to meet the expectations of connected customers after a pandemic?

Kelly Thacker: Senior Vice President, Product Marketing & CMO, Retail & Consumer Goods at Sales team.

Kelly Thacker: Senior Vice President, Marketing, Commerce Cloud & CMO of (RCG) Retail and Consumer Goods, Salesforce.

Kelly is responsible for marketing strategy, operations and execution across the full spectrum of the Commerce Cloud portfolio and RCG business worldwide. A ten-year veteran of Salesforce, Kelly served as CMO for the Customer Success Group, Managed Positioning, and GTM Strategy. Kelly was the founder and CEO of The James Project, a non-profit in India, and Banau, a non-profit in Nepal. Kelly also worked in non-profit initiatives focused on using technology to solve humanity’s challenges worldwide.

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