#SheCanSheWill Football Cup inspires next generation

In the 2021-22 season, the University of St Andrews Women’s 1st team won the #SheCanSheWill Cup (full coverage can be found HERE). The club has brilliantly used this to inspire the next generation of players by taking the prestigious cup ‘on tour’.

On June 24, 2022, two members of the Saints Women’s Squad attended a training session in Auchteruchty to meet and inspire the 9-12 year old Bellvue Colts Girls Squad. Sophia Anderson of the women’s 2nd team and Daisy Beddall, one of the first team finalists and penalty shoot-out scorers, made the final session before the summer break memorable for the 15 girls in attendance.

A fun warm-up, a dribbling skills challenge and a competition that put the students to the test ended with the girls having the opportunity to hold the trophy and ask questions. There was a smile everywhere when the players heard the odds in college or college football after school!

Stuart Milne, director of football at the University of St Andrews, was delighted with the session, saying:

“It is very important for the club to help and support women’s football in Scotland. The club is committed to helping young girls and women as positive role models to look up to, which in turn will encourage and inspire them to play the game for as long as possible.

Every week during the academic year we have players from the club who volunteer their time to coach at the St Andrews and East Neuk Girls Football Club. We wanted to help leverage the success of winning the #SheCanSheWill Cup for the first time, to show our players even more and give the next generation something to aspire to.”

The #SheCanSheWill Cup knockout tournament returns in 22-23, so look out for entries going live!


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