Scientists are working on medicine that can live for 200 years

The drug has been tested on mice in a 2020 trial (Photo: Unsplash)

Adding another 100 years to your lifespan may be science fiction, but scientists are working on a miracle cure that would make it a reality.

The drug, taken in pill form, works by eliminating cells that contribute to the aging process in the human body, potentially doubling our lifespan.

Human aging is rushed by cells called ‘zombie cells’, scientifically known as senescent cells. These cells stop dividing during our lifetime, accumulate in our bodies and eventually release compounds that accelerate aging.

The drug has been tested on mice in a trial 2020 and the result was improved physical function and increased health and longevity. Scientists are now working to replicate the result in humans.

British computational biologist Dr. Andrew Steele, in his book on the longevity of human life, claimed that it was entirely possible for people to live over 100 on a certain type of drug.

In the book, he states that research on senolytics — drugs that work to eliminate cells that impair tissue function — are already showing promising results and could hit the market within the next decade.

“I don’t think there is an absolute limit to how long we can live,” said Dr. Steele at the… MailOnline.

“I don’t see any physical or biological reason why people couldn’t live to be 200 — the challenge is whether we can develop the biomedical science to make it possible.”

“Every few years, studies come out that suggest some sort of fundamental limit on human lifespan, but they’re always missing one crucial part: we’ve never tried to treat the aging process,”

The pills are reportedly already in the human trial phase and could very well hit the market within a decade.

But even if the science is successful, the question remains whether people want to live another 100 years.

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