Russia claims Ukraine is creating super soldiers in secret ‘bio labs’

A Ukrainian soldier patrols eastern Ukraine. (Credit: Getty)

Russian officials may want to fire the comics, after allegedly alleging Ukraine creates super soldiers in a lab.

Apparently, these “secret experiments” are testing “performance-enhancing drugs” on Ukrainian troops.

A report on the Russian state media site Kommersant says: these drugs “completely neutralize the last vestiges of human consciousness and turn them into the most vicious and deadly monsters.”

That quote comes from Irina Yarovaya, deputy speaker of the State Duma – the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia.

To make the point, she added, “This system of monitoring and creating a vicious killing machine was implemented under the control of the United States.”

Even for Russia, this seems like quite a task.

But, like so many other things that come out of the country, it has its roots in social media disinformation.

The conspiracy theory that Ukraine hid “bio-laboratories” of super-soldiers’ experiments began circulating on Twitter in March. Apparently, the Russians came up with the idea and decided to go ahead with it.

Now, these claims appearing in the Russian media are likely calculated to add justification, as the conflict continues to dominate Europe.

Konstantin Kosachev, the deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Council, joined Yarovaya in claiming that Putin’s government had “proof” of these biolabs.

Meanwhile, the troops on the ground have been ordered to step up their efforts to invade Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers fire a grenade from an FH-70 towed howitzer as the Russian attack on Ukraine continues in the Donbas region. (Credits: Reuters)

The seizure of the city of Lysychansk in early July gave the Kremlin control of the Luhansk region, which comprises half of the southeastern region.

Russia is doubling down on attacks in the disputed Donbas region and seeking to strengthen control of new territory along its border with Ukraine.

Nevertheless, Ukraine signs of retaking land taken by the Russians and fighting back against the invasion.

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