Robert and Christine Danizger Scholarships 2022 for PhD Students from West and Central Africa – Heidelberg University, Germany

The Robert and Christine Danizger Scholarship is awarded to very good prospective PhD students from Africa (mainly from Ghana or any other country in West and Central Africa) who intend to pursue a PhD at the University of Heidelberg in the field of Geoinformatics ( or political science) ) and who need help financing their PhD.

Deadline: July 15, 2022

About the Award: “Years of friendship and collaboration connect us to Ghana and, more recently, to other parts of West and Central Africa. With the scholarship, we want to support talented young people from African countries who want to come to Heidelberg University to start and successfully complete a master’s or doctoral degree. Where financial resources are limited, a scholarship can be crucial. Education in the field of geography, political science and sociology is especially important to us.” -Christine and Robert Danziger

Type: PhD

Eligibility: You can apply for a Robert and Christina Danziger Scholarship if:

You are a very good emerging student from Africa (mainly from Ghana or any other country in West and Central Africa), you have performed very well in your studies and are planning to apply for a masters degree program at the University of Heidelberg in one of the following fields:Geography with a focus on GeoinformaticsPoliticalology
You are planning to move to Germany for a PhD at the University of Heidelberg, locally, or you already live in Germany because you are currently taking a language course to acquire the required language skills. You need help financing your PhD.

Eligible Countries: Ghana and other countries in West and Central Africa

To be collected in (Country): Germany

Number of awards: not specified

Value of the award: The amount of the scholarship for doctoral students is 1,200 € per month.

Duration of the award: The award period is generally 2 semesters. An extension is possible on request and if all requirements are met (academic achievement, financial difficulties, availability of funds) for a period of up to 2 semesters.

How to Apply: Please email your application documents to: [email protected].

Please submit the following application documents during the application period:

Signed application form Current performance data: University degree eligible for a PhD (original certificate) including the final grade and an official translation into German or English and, if available, an official conversion of the diploma into the German grading system.
If your university degree is not available at the end of the application period, it is sufficient to provide a preliminary certificate from the university confirming your academic achievements to date (ideally with a grade from all exams, to date) , stating that you expect to complete your studies at the beginning of the semester following the application period. Please note that you must submit your missing certificate before the start of the college term. Confirmation of PhD acceptance (ps: currently Prof. Zipf or Prof. Höfle can accept PhD students in Geoinformatics at University of Heidelberg) Curriculum vitae in table form Letter of motivation with reference to the subject of the PhDRecommendation letter from a university lecturer in the specific fieldProof of citizenshipSelf-statement of income and expenses (part of the application form)Evidence confirming the financial situation (parents’ pay slips, own payslips, etc.) The is important to review all application requirements on the Award webpage (see link below) before applying. GOOD LUCK

Visit the Award webpage for details

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