Review: Kuda App Should Fix Bugs That Cause Transactions to Go Wrong

Kuda is one of the digital banks that is revolutionizing technology banking in Nigeria. Known for its free banking services, Kuda also makes financial transactions easy and seamless through its app.

Kuda accounts come with a free debit card, budgeting and spending control, as well as wire transfers and savings features. The bank has also eliminated maintenance fees and provides users with a specific list of free transfers every month.

As a digital bank, the main channel for banking with Kuda is through the app. While the Kuda app may be considered bulky for users with a low 25MB phone memory, the app is easy to use and allows you to access banking services from the convenience of your own location, be it at home, at school, in the church or at a market, an event or anywhere.

The Kuda Bank app is accessible to almost anyone who owns a smartphone. This facilitates easy navigation and operation within the application itself.

Unique Features

The Kuda app allows users to:

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Open a bank account for free in minutes. Send free money up to 25 times a month and receive free debit and credit notifications. Save and plan easily with our savings and budget features – receive up to 15% annual interest! Qualify for instant overdraft when they use your Kuda account regularly and borrow money when they need it.

User Complaints

Just like any other app, Kuda app has its flaws and the users cannot help but express their concerns and frustrations through reviews. A constant complaint from the app’s users is the “Something went wrong” error that pops up at the time of transactions.

Many wondered if the app is designed to only accept money and then bring up errors when trying to send money.

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For other users, logging into the app was a challenge, even if they had no problem registering and depositing money into the account. Some also experience identity verification issues while registering on the app, which prevented them from completing their registration.

Again, some users believe that every update to Kuda app makes the user experience worse and prefer to stick with the old app before the update.

What it comes down to:

Kuda app fulfills all requirements as a fintech app with unique features that help users to plan, budget and save money. With over 1 million downloads, a 4.4/5 rating in the Google Play Store by 150.29 users, and a 4.7/5 rating in the Apple Store by 68,600 users, there is no doubt that the app for serves the purpose for many users.

However, Kuda Bank will have to fix the bugs that continue to result in errors during transactions. The verification process on the app also needs to be improved to make the registration easier and simpler for its customers.

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