Postdoc Position for VIETSKILL Project at CBS, 18.5 hours/week in Denmark 2022

The Copenhagen Business School’s Department of International Economics, Government and Business is accepting applications for a postdoc position in the VIETSKILL project.

The position is part-time and will run until December 31, 2022 for 18.5 hours per week.

The main research areas of the department are ‘Business and Government’ and ‘International Business’. Political science and political economy are at the heart of business and government. International business encompasses both international economics and international management disciplines. EGB conducts research in these two primary focus areas, as well as their intersections, and is ideally positioned to develop research in this area. At the same time, our experience in certain areas and regions enables us to address the challenges facing developing and advanced economies.

Following are some examples of areas of study that a postdoctoral researcher could work on:

The legislative structure of the Vietnamese education system is examined. In the Vietnamese education sector, a study is being conducted on institutional players and institutional relationships. A study of educational reforms in a number of East Asian countries Analysis of higher and vocational education cooperation modelsInterviews with education stakeholders in VietnamThe postdoc will work on the VIETSKILL project, funded by Danida Fellowship Center and which aims to support Vietnam’s TVET- system for long-term prosperity.

Scholarship value

The appointment and remuneration are determined in accordance with an agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Scientific Organization.

Postdoc Position for VIETSKILL Project | Eligibility Criteria

A PhD or its equivalent is required from the candidate. The potential for research will be given special attention when judging entries.

Research related to the job description, expertise/insights in the administration of the Vietnamese higher education system and Vietnamese language proficiency are all appreciated.

The applicant must be able to communicate professionally in English (written and spoken).

How to Apply for the Postdoc Position for VIETSKILL Project?

The application must be submitted online using the computerized recruitment system.

The following must be stated with the application:

A list of the candidate’s key skills and competencies. A comprehensive, numbered list of publications (with titles, co-authors, page numbers, and year) with an asterisk indicating the academic works that would be reviewed during the review. There are a total of five publications that can be assessed. Applicants are asked to prioritize their publications in accordance with the job description field. Copies of the publications are marked with an asterisk

. Only publications in English (or another specified main language, as determined by the research tradition) or one of the Scandinavian languages ​​are eligible.) Information on possible research management, industrial collaboration and international collaboration experience. International documentation of important, significant and innovative research. Transcripts and a complete CV

Application deadline: April 20, 2022.

For more information and to apply, go here.

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