Performance Sport Coordinator at The University of Edinburgh

1. Core Administration

Coordinate every stage of the online scholarship application process, from live application announcement, questions, response gathering, interview arranging and results communication.

· Collect Scholarships and Team Performance Program Monthly reports for management meetings.

· Work with the Sports Union to ensure that all sports athlete-related entries in British Universities (BUCS) competitions are completed in a timely and accurate manner.

· Assist in the planning and coordination of multi-disciplinary support services (particularly in-house physical preparation and sports medicine delivery), in liaison with Sportscotland Institute of Sport as appropriate.

Processing orders for clothing & equipment as agreed with Assistant Director and Head of Sport (HoS).

· Manage all centrally stored data and ensure compliance with the GDPR.
Coordinating inquiries about undergraduate and postgraduate athletes, including accommodation.

· Liaise with support service personnel to schedule appointments as needed, such as nutrition, mental skills and physiology.

· Process approved performance personnel expense reports as agreed with HoS.

Ensuring that all financial transactions (purchase orders, invoicing; e-ITs, etc.) are performed efficiently, effectively and in full compliance with the university’s strict procedures (cash, checks, cards, purchase and sales invoicing on due dates) and Support HoS with budget forecasts to inform policy and operational decision-making.

· Liaise with Sport & Exercise’s financial office to ensure athlete payments are processed.

· Ensuring that athlete charging is handled efficiently and in a timely manner.
To work within the allocated budget as agreed with HoS, while striving for efficiency and value for money at all times.

· Ensure that the culture and practices within the performance hub office/meeting room are promoted and maintained.

· Act as the first point of contact between Performance Sport and partner groups within and outside the university.

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