New vacancies at Rijkswaterstaat and Infra.

DEADLINE: July 15, 2022; July 22, 2022

Rijkswaterstaat Vacature Circulars – Click on the PDFs below to download and read

DPSA Circular 25 Advertisements Advertised July 08, 2022 > Application closing on 22 July 2022DPSA Circular 24 Advertisements Advertised July 01, 2022 >Registration closes on July 15, 2022


The Z83 form must be signed when it is submitted. In order to streamline the hiring process to better target audiences, and to take more protective measures during the pandemic to avoid overcrowding and reduce applicant costs, such measures should include the following regarding certification: Advertisement and accompanying notes must clearly state the requirements for the certification to indicate that applicants. Please note that applicants are not required to submit copies of qualifications and other relevant documents with the application, but must submit the Z83 and a detailed Curriculum Vitae. Communications from HR of the department regarding requirements of certified documents will be restricted to shortlisted candidates. Therefore, only shortlisted candidates for a position are required to submit certified documents on or before the day of the interview upon communication from HR. The application form (Z83) states under the section “additional information” that candidates selected for interviews will be requested to
additional certified information that may be requested to make a final decision. Please note that when a document is certified as a true copy of an original, the certifier only certifies that it is a true copy of the presented original. Therefore, the certification process does not provide validation of the
authenticity of the original document. The validation takes place when the documents are verified for authenticity. Regulation 67 (9) requires the executing authority to ensure that he or she is fully satisfied with the claims made and to read them together with Regulations (57) (c) requiring the completion of personnel fitness checks to make claims verify and the candidate for suitability and suitability for employment. Applications not complying with the above will be disqualified. If you haven’t heard from us in the coming months, consider your application unsuccessful. Note: it is the
responsibility of all applicants to ensure that foreign and other qualifications are assessed by SAQA. Recognition of previous learning experiences will only be considered upon submission of evidence by candidates. Please note that the appointment is subject to verification of qualifications and a security clearance. Faxed or too late
applications will NOT be accepted. Shortlisted candidates must be willing to undergo normal checking and verification processes. If you have not heard from us within 3 months, consider your application as unsuccessful.


Z83 Application Form

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