New Student Sports Reporter: Grace Knight

July 21, 2022

I never thought I’d be writing this article as a journalist for the Bond Newsroom. In fact, I never thought I’d ever find myself as a journalist.

Hi, I’m Grace Knight and I’ve been studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Bond for the past two years.

As I’m sure many students and staff can identify with, my journey to Bond began with a desire to move from the frigid farm where I grew up near Paskeville in South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula to the beautiful subtropics of ‘the Sunshine State’ – and what better excuse than to finish my university education.

It took a lot of courage to distance myself from my family, friends and everything I had ever known, but I am happy to say that the opportunities, friendships and skills I gained at Bond have been worth the experience created.

When I first started studying with Bond I had no idea where I wanted my career to go, but after landing my first job in sports journalism, it’s very fitting that I was here.

I have a long history of involvement in sports, having played high-level basketball and netball during my teens and now professionally in surfing.

I have always had a great passion for sport and what it promotes. Aspects of community, teamwork, camaraderie and the art of both gracefully winning and losing.

To add to this, the many personal and character building qualities gained such as dedication, resilience and leadership, which are naturally built during sporting engagement.

My favorite aspect of journalism is sharing the stories of all the incredible people I meet. I can’t wait to begin my new journey with the Bond Newsroom, telling the stories of not only our sporting achievements, but the individuals who come together and make our games work.

So, if you see me on campus or on the sports fields, come and say hello!

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