Netflix introduces new feature to charge users who share passwords

New Delhi: When Netflix announced in April that it wants to make password and account sharing a paid practice, users may not have taken it seriously. That’s why the online streaming service has started testing a new “add a home” feature to charge users who share their account password with others in certain countries. Also Read – Microsoft, Apple, Google & More: List of Companies Planning to Freeze Hiring, Lay Off Employees

Netflix Inc. is testing a new way to tackle password sharing in five Latin American countries – Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, in the hopes that the feature will generate additional revenue as customers pay for their Netflix account . However, Netflix has not yet released any details about making the new feature available to Indian users. Also Read – Netflix Loses Nearly 1 Million Subscribers in Q2; Aims to launch a cheaper ad-supported plan soon

According to sure naira, in these test regions, each Netflix account will contain one home where the user can access Netflix on all their devices. If the user wants to allow someone to use their Netflix account in an additional home, the company will ask them to pay an additional fee. You can add a home to your account by paying an additional 219 pesos in Argentina and $2.99 ​​in the other test regions. Members with a Basic Netflix subscription can add one additional home, Standard users can add up to two additional homes, and Premium users can add up to three additional homes. Users in these test areas also have the option to control where their account is used and remove homes from the account settings page. Also Read – What Are The Top Brands For Hackers To Steal People’s Data Through Phishing?

“It’s great that our members love Netflix movies and TV shows so much that they want to share them more widely,” Chengyi Long, Netflix director of product innovation, said in a statement. “But widespread account sharing between households is undermining our ability to invest in and improve our service over the long term.”


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