Most Nine (9) Mistakes Men Make When Using Condoms

Condoms are important for keeping off STIs and unintentional pregnancies, however if used wrongly, they’re worthless.

Condoms are powerful towards STDs.

CONDOMS are the most effective but only technique you may use to shield your self now no longer simply in opposition to accidental pregnancy, however additionally in opposition to plenty of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Condoms and inner condoms are the best strategies of start manipulate that still assist save you the unfold of sexually transmitted infections like HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.



A condom is a versatile pouch product of rubber or plastic which acts as a bodily barrier that forestalls physical fluids, together with semen, vaginal fluids and blood, from passing from one character to every other throughout intercourse. Condoms are cheap, smooth to apply and to be had on the market at pharmacies, supermarkets and comfort stores. You can be capable of get loose condoms out of your nearby health center or hospital. While abstinence (now no longer having any intercourse at all) is, of course, the simplest manner this is assured to be one hundred percentage safe, condoms provide through a long way the high-quality safety for all and sundry who’s sexually lively and desires to exercise more secure intercourse. Condoms are pretty powerful in opposition to the maximum risky STIs, together with HIV, the virus that reasons Aids. Scientists have proven that the use of a condom throughout intercourse manner which you are approximately 10 000 instances much less possibly to agreement HIV than you will be in case you had intercourse with out one. Condoms also are very a hit in opposition to different STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes and syphilis, and that they were related with a decrease charge of cervical cancer, a sickness this is related to the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus and the genital warts it produces. Surveys have proven that individuals who use condoms discover their sexual reports simply as exciting as individuals who don’t.

The 9 maximum not unusualplace condom mistakes made with the aid of using adult males are indexed below.


1. According to the Healthine . Many guys make the error of now no longer sporting condoms at some point of s£x. Before the use of a condom, STIs may be unfold via genital touch. As a result, right away start the use of a condom and preserve it on till you are via.


2. Men may make the mistake of using an inadequately lubricated condom. Condoms may tear if they are used without the correct lubricant. Latex can be broken down by lubricants like coconut oil, lotions, massage oils, and petroleum jelly. Use water-based lubricants instead.


3. Most men also make the mistake of using condoms that have expired. Check the expiration date on a condom before using it because its effectiveness lowers after it has expired.


4. Males frequently make the mistake of not using condoms until they are completely dry. Before you use a condom, make sure you’re really hard down there.


5. When the usage of condoms, guys additionally make the error of now no longer leaving sufficient room on the condom’s tip. When sporting a condom, constantly go away a small hole on the quit of the s£x toe.


6. When the usage of condoms, maximum men do now no longer wrap them all of the manner to the bottom of the pen*s. Keep condoms rolled to the bottom of the pen*s at the same time as setting them on and taking them off.


7. The extensive majority of men sense they recognise a way to select the proper condom size, that’s a excellent mistake. Avoid condoms that do not roll all of the manner to the lowest of the pen or are too tight. Larger condoms may assist if you are having problems.


8. If you need to use a condom, do not do it too often. A new condom need to be used for every sexual interaction.


9. Using condoms on the equal time is any other traditional condom error. If you operate condoms, you may not have double protection. The condom is extra liable to tear while condoms are used.


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