Meet Louis Coulon and Marko Vujasinovic, CEO and Co-Founder of HR Tech Company: CleverConnect

CleverConnect is a European HR Tech company helping more than 2,500 companies rethink their recruitment strategy to attract, convert and assess their candidates in an efficient and innovative way. CleverConnect’s SaaS solutions include resume matching, video interviews and intelligent career sites.

Through the merger with Talentry – a Germany-based provider of talent relationship management solutions – CleverConnect aims to better support organizations in transforming their hiring processes to attract new qualified candidates, engage them in a lasting relationship and reveal their skills and potential, as well as provide candidates with a satisfying experience.

In 2021, CleverConnect closed a €30 million fundraising event from its historic investors and Digital Plus Partners (Germany), to accelerate its European development. CleverConnect now has a team of over 270 people operating in France, Italy, Spain and the DACH region.

CleverConnect: The future of recruitment starts today.

What do you think makes this company unique?

As a company based in Europe, we have a clear vision of the recruitment challenges of European companies. Our solution matches their needs, European and local regulations.

We want to build something sustainable for recruiters and more meaningful in people’s lives. Our solutions combine AI with human intelligence to provide recruiters and candidates with the best experience.

How has the company developed in recent years?

Over the past two years, CleverConnect has achieved a turnover growth of more than 50%. This exceptional growth is explained by the attractiveness of its digital solutions, which enable companies to attract and capture more candidates in a highly competitive market.

In October 2021, CleverConnect announced a €30 million roundtable led by its historic investors and Digital Plus Partner (Germany) to develop its presence in Europe and especially in Germany, where it opened its subsidiary to conquer the DACH market, a market with very great potential .

This merger with Talentry marks a new step in the internationalization and development of CleverConnect and confirms its ambition to become the European champion of Talent Acquisition solutions.

What can we hope to see from CleverConnect in the future?

CleverConnect aims to accelerate its expansion to best equip European companies against candidate shortages and recruitment challenges.

The recent merger with Talentry will enable CleverConnect to equip companies with the most efficient and advanced technologies to help recruiters on a daily basis and provide a satisfying candidate experience.

CleverConnect aims for a turnover growth of more than 50% by 2022.

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