Meet John Ryan, CEO at Gigable: A Decentralized Shift Marketplace in Gig Economy

Gigable is a decentralized marketplace for shift workers in the gig economy, specializing in delivery. The company connects independent companies directly to the gig economy community, where they can choose gig workers to work with based on their ratings and experience.

The platform is a true end-to-end experience with a wide range of functionality for any business, including gig scheduling and management, live venue tracking, automated delivery allocation and management, payments, and a two-way rating system.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

I was inspired by super apps like WeChat during a trip to China and Hong Kong as part of my MBA. When I saw how well super-apps like this fit into the society there, I really thought there was a gap in Europe for a similar app, but focused on the world of work.

Realizing work is obviously a huge space, I started researching and became intrigued by the gig economy as a segment to focus on. It was and still is the perfect community to build an app – like the one I envisioned – around; it is essentially a decentralized type of work where employees have more control; it is mostly made up of younger people; it grows enormously, and; it is very fragmented and would therefore benefit from some structure.

The creation of Gigable has therefore always been rooted in the gig worker community itself and building an all-encompassing app for them, something we pride ourselves on always making progress.

How has the company developed in recent years?

Like many successful start-ups, identifying and satisfying your primary customer with a great deal is the first real step forward in commercialization. While our community of gig workers is an absolutely critical growth driver for us – and our raison d’être – the engine of our growth is the companies that use us when they ‘post’ and pay for the gigs (services) on the platform.

Most importantly, to serve our gig workers, we need to have abundant opportunities on the platform, and to serve the companies, we need to have enough gig workers as well. It’s a vicious circle, but the cycle starts with the company. This means that as the company has evolved, the depth of technical development and value proposition building on the business side of the market has been tremendous.

What can we hope to see in the future from Gigable?

Having reached a critical point of market leadership in software capabilities on the business side of the platform, we can now refocus some of our energies on some unique and very exciting updates on the gig workers side, most notably the mobile app. and the payment options there.

There will be some big announcements here in the near future!

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