Kenyan Government 2021 Presidential Digitalent Program for Kenyan Youth

Presidential Digitalent Program 2021 applications are now open by ICT Authority on behalf of Ministry of Information Communication Technology

Application deadline: September 6, 2021

About the Presidential Digitalent Program:

Digitalent is an ICT Authority strategic intervention commissioned by the Ministry of Information Communication Technology to develop and retain high-end ICT talent by bridging the gap between industry requirements and the capabilities of the local workforce. This is in line with the National ICT Master Plan which underlines the need to develop a critical mass of high quality ICT skills and develop an ICT ready workforce to meet the needs of the industry. The program has trained more than 1200 ICT graduates. The call for applications for 2021-2022 is aimed at Digitalent Cohort 6 recent ICT graduates.

Type: Workout

Eligibility: The internship is offered to Kenyan youth recently graduated in ICT, Engineering, Education (e-learning and content development), Medicine, Built Environment, Agriculture, Law and Communications (Graphics Design, Public Relations & Corporate Communications) who must have between January 2019 until the date of this advertisement and/or have obtained a First or Second Class Distinction pending graduation.

Selection criteria:

Applicants for the Presidential Digitalent program MUST have graduated and have obtained First or Upper Second Class Honors (or the equivalent) from a recognized institution within the past two years from 2019 to the date of this advertisement. Recent graduates in BSc ICT or Engineering – The graduates should have in-depth knowledge in the core areas of specialization; Network & Infrastructure, Engineering, Application Development, Information Security and Project Management. Recent graduates in Project Management Agriculture, Medicine, Built Environment, Education (eLearning & Content Development), Law and Communications (Graphics Design, Public Relations & Corporate Communications) who have a passion for using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to address the above areas to integrate. Applicant must have the required skills to conduct research and innovation to enable government to use ICT to realize the Big 4 agenda. Female, persons with disabilities and graduates from ASAL regions are encouraged to apply. Be a Kenyan youth between 21 and 35 Unemployed; Must be willing and ready to be deployed in any government agency (MCDAs) in the 47 provinces. Successful candidates must complete a twelve (12) month full-time program running from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted at to conduct the interviews. Depending on the core area, applicants may be required to demonstrate technical competence in the core of specialization before the interview. The authority WILL NOT offer employment after the completion of the program. However, candidates who successfully complete the program may apply competitively for all positions advertised by the government. Applying directly or indirectly will lead to disqualification.

Eligible Countries for the Presidential Digitalent Program:


To be collected in (Country):


Number of awards:


Value of the Presidential Digitalent Program:

a) Networking with potential employers
b) Mentorship
c) Platform to develop and incubate innovations
d) Platform to translate knowledge and skills acquired during university education into work experience in the industry
e) Contribute to government efforts in serving citizens

Duration of the price:

12 months.

How to Apply for the Presidential Digitalent Program: Apply here

It is important to review all application requirements on the Award webpage (see link below) before applying.GOODLUCK

Visit the Presidential Digitalent Program webpage for more information

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