JASIRI Growth Accelerator Program 2022

Application Deadline: June 30, 2022

The Growth Accelerator focuses on existing startups from Rwanda or Kenya with market-creating innovations, i.e. solving companies
difficult problems and delivering goods or services to a large number of people.

Eligible companies will pitch for a USD 75,000 investment from JASIRI and gain access to further investments from angel investors and
venture capitalists. The growth accelerator provides qualifying companies with investor readiness and scale support to help them succeed
important metrics needed for financing.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to the Growth Accelerator program, the Startups
must show the following:
• Large potential market
• Market-creating innovation – potential to tackle non-consumption, ie trying to solve difficult problems and deliver goods or services that were previously inaccessible or affordable to a large number of people.
• Existing user base
• Generate income
• Consistent growth in revenue or user acquisition
• Proof of legal registration and tax compliance in Rwanda or Kenya

The Growth Accelerator will assess and support companies in 11 key areas that impact scaling and investor readiness. The areas are:
• Market size
• Product & Value
• Growth strategy
• Market-creating innovations
• Growth Aids
• Create a high-performing team
• Strategy & Execution
• Marketing & Sales
• Revenue models
• Fundraising
• Troubleshooting

Demo day:

Demo Day is a live virtual event where companies pitch for investment financing. Companies that meet JASIRI’s investment criteria will receive $75,000 in funding and will also have the opportunity to receive additional investments from JASIRI’s network of co-investors.

postal accelerator

After successful completion of the accelerator, companies will receive 9 months of growth monitoring and support. This will be in
in the form of coaching and mentoring sessions. Graduates of the Growth Accelerator will also have the privilege of joining the powerful and supportive JASIRI alumni network.

For more information:

Visit official website of the JASIRI Growth Accelerator Program 2022

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