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Call is open for the Istanbul Youth Summit 2022 By Youth Break the Boundaries. Candidates pursuing a qualification in an academic course are eligible for this fully funded youth summit in Turkey. No IELTS & TOEFL required. The duration of this program is 4 days. Young people and especially women are encouraged to apply for this opportunity and get a chance to explore Turkey. The Youth Summit program in Turkey will expose the intercultural exchange, self-examination, leadership development, global interaction, cooperation and sustainable development goals.

IYS 2023 is the 6th International Summit organized by Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB) Foundation in Istanbul. Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) 2023 is a program initiated by Youth Break the Boundaries (YBB). The aim of the activity is to build the spirit of youth leadership and prepare outstanding future leaders, by using a moral approach to education that focuses on instilling nationalistic character values ​​and international culture for the youth generation.

This event is a forum that will be held over 4 days and will discuss the main topics and panel discussions to be held during this summit. The main theme of the Istanbul Youth Summit 2023 is: “Social Development Goals For Emerging Leaders”. This Istanbul Youth Summit (IYS) activity will take place from 6 – 9 February 2023. Anyone between the ages of 17 and 35 is eligible. More details about Istanbul Youth Summit 2022 are given below.

Istanbul Youth Summit 2022 Details

Host country: Turkey Organisation: (YBB) Youth Break the Boundaries Last date: 30 August 2022

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5 important goals of Summit

The program aims to achieve five main goals.

Sharpen the mind of talented youth leaders in various fields Build a youth leadership character Build the existence of the youth in the international stage Educate the leadership soul of the youth actively contributing to the development of the country, continue the Istanbul Youth Summit program for years to come by creating a strong network and long-term relationship between IYS alumni.

Event Date

The dates of the Summit are February 6 – 9 2023

Event location

Istanbul, Turkey is the main destination of the summit.

Financial advantages

Selected candidates will receive the following benefits:

Get international experience from world top leaders. Certificate of Completion Interacting with different people around the world

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone between the ages of 17 and 35 is eligible. All holders of a nationality are eligible. Candidates pursuing a degree in academic courses are eligible. have no criminal record

How to apply?

Make sure to follow @youthbreaktheboundaries and @istanbulyouthsummit on Instagram. Then upload your best. Upload to your Instagram or Facebook with a caption related to Contribution for Social Development Goals (SDGs) and tag 5
friends and our Instagram account @istanbulyouthsummit. (Don’t forget to copy the link of your VEDIO post on Instagram, as you are required to include it in your registration form.). You can see the details when you fill the application on the website.

To apply visit the official link here.

Apply online here.

Follow our facebook, Instagram, linked, Twitter & Join our Telegram group for more updates.

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