Inclued wins Best Elevator Pitch Award at Tech-Xpo 2022

Start up in Bristol includingwhose software helps identify biases is this year’s winner of ‘Best Elevator Pitch’ on SETsquare Bristol‘s TechXpo.

Inclued joined SETsquared Bristol in 2021 through its Breakthrough Scholarship that supports black, asian and ethnic minorities to grow their tech startups. Inclued’s technology helps marketers connect with their audiences by detecting and removing unconscious biases in digital content, and by data, insights and educational resources to implement inclusive marketing.

The startup recently received the Trailblazer Award grant from Bristol + Bath Creative R+D, and this year named Joyann Boyce, CEO and founder. 30 under 30 by Rife Magazine, as well as Change Maker by BIMA100.

Joyann introduces us, “We truly believe that with the right companion software, marketers can create content that is truly inclusive. Winning Tech-Xpo is a confirmation of this mission and has put us in touch with a network of people to make the change possible. I am excited to continue my investment readiness journey with the support of the SETsquared team.”

Inclued competed against eight other innovative technology startups SETsquare Bristol‘s Tech-Xpo on Wednesday, June 29.

Standing up for budding talent

SETsquared Bristol is a University of Bristol-led incubator that grows global Bristol-based technology companies and helps them make an impact in the world.

Now in his 18e year, Tech-XpoisSETsquared Bristolsflagshippitch,demo, connectshowcase that provides startups with a platform to promote their innovative technologies to an audience of influential investors and business movers and shakers. This year’s event took place at St George’s Bristol and was also: streamed live

LastTech-Xpocompetitorshave continued toto achieveremarkable success. Last year’s winner Ferryxhave recently closed their first £305k investment round to further the development of their bacterial product for the prevention or treatment of gastrointestinal inflammation.

KETS Quantum Security the winner of 2020has since raised £3.1 million pre-series A, as well as a £11.6 million grant to develop quantum secure communications for the UKRI-funded Quantum Data Center of the Future project.

Marty Reid,director atSETsquared Bristol, says:“Inclued is a well-deserved winner of the ‘Best Elevator Pitch’ award, which was no small feat given the exceptional lineup of talent and pitching prowess on the show. Joyann has used her industry expertise, along with great technology, to build a business with real potential to scale and solve one of the key business and cultural challenges facing large organizations today.”

Adam Watts, Investment Associate at Mercia Asset Management, adds: “Tech-Xpo provides the perfect platform for early stage companies with high growth potential to connect with investors and the wider ecosystem, evidenced by the significant funding success of past winners. Following our move to the Southwest last year, we are delighted to partner with SETsquared as an Investor in Residence, supporting a large number of tech startups and scale-ups in the region.”

Tech-Xpo 2022was sponsored byVWVSIEMENSOnePLMFD Works and rocket makersdemonstrating their commitment to supporting regional technological innovation.

Nathan guest,Corporate Partner and Head of Technology Sector at VWV,comments, “Tech-Xpo 2022 was another fantastic showcase for SETsquared Bristol and the companies it supports. Many of those startups have celebrated significant fundraising and other milestones in the past year, and we have been delighted to support many of those deals. Having seen so many excellent companies on Tech-Xpo, I am confident that many more positive investment deal announcements will emerge over the next 12 months from the SETsquared stable of companies.

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