Hungarian Government Scholarships (Fully Funded)

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Several international students from all over the world apply every year to study in Hungary, which is steeped in history. Hungary has a thriving economy and a vibrant cultural life, where innovation and tradition come together. You can choose from an ever-growing number of programs taught in English, covering all areas of higher education in all degrees offered by the most renowned Hungarian universities.

The tuition fees in Hungary are very affordable compared to other European countries. Tuition varies depending on the selected university and program of study. For accurate tuition information, visit the chosen university’s website.

Stipendium Hungaricum is a fully funded scholarship to study in Hungary for free by the Hungarian government.

What is Stipendium Hungaricum?

There are several scholarships for international students to study in Hungary, including fully funded scholarships and tuition grants. Stipendium Hungaricum is a fully funded scholarship to study in Hungary for free. The number of Stipendium Hungaricum applicants is constantly increasing, as is the number of available scholarship places.

The scholarship program was set up by the Hungarian government to attract top international students from around the world who can develop personal and professional connections with Hungary while enjoying high-quality education in the heart of Europe.

The program is based on bilateral education cooperation agreements signed between the different countries and Hungary or between higher education institutions. Currently, almost 70 Sending Partners are involved in the program on 5 different continents.

Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship covers tuition fees, your housing costs and you can focus on your academic progress by studying in Hungary for free.

It awards 5,000 scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. Degree programs.

While studying in Hungary, the students will also enjoy an affordable cost of living with a high benefit-cost ratio, a safe and friendly living environment with convenient public transportation.

Most students apply from Asia and Africa. While the percentage of applicants is increasing every year.

What are the benefits of Hungarian Government Scholarships?

There is no application fee to register for this Hungarian Scholarship.

It is a fully funded scholarship and covers living expenses and tuition and accommodation would be provided by the Hungarian University.

Bachelor’s and Master’s students receive 150 euros per month.

Researchers receive 450 euros per month for the doctoral programme.

Finally, this scholarship program includes free life insurance.

How to get a scholarship?

What are eligibility criteria?

You must be fluent in English. If your previous education is in English, you can apply without IELTS. Otherwise, you must show the IELTS certificate.

The applicant must be in good health and must attach a medical certificate to his application.

Applicant must be from one of the eligible countries. Here is a list of eligible countries.

Pakistan, India, China, Nigeria, Egypt, Argentina, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Brazil, Georgia, Iran, Japan, Cambodia, Morocco, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lao, Lebanese, Mongolia, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Palestine, Algeria, Albania, Angola, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Namibia, Paraguay, Serbia, South Africa, Philippines, Myanmar, Turkey, Yemen, Russia, Vietnam, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Mexico.

What is the Hungarian Government Scholarships Application Process?

International students interested in studying in Hungary under Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Scheme should submit an online application stating three degree programs they are interested in studying at Hungarian universities:

First of all, you need to submit a fully funded application for a Hungarian Scholarship online to the Hungarian Government Scholarship website by filling in: your data, study results and future study interests training. Here you will find universities and courses about clutch and choose a relevant course for yourself.

When submitting your application for a Hungarian scholarship, candidates are asked to indicate their three subject preferences to study at a particular Hungarian university.

Candidates should search for degree programs from the Hungarian universities and then fill in its details in online applications and contact “Sending Partner”, which can be the Ministry of Education of your country or the Hungarian embassy in your home country.

A total of 27 universities and 420 degree programs are offered under the Hungaricum Scholarship program, so you can select up to three options.

You have to send the full set of documents to the “sending partner” in your home country and then wait for their final nomination list for the Hungarian Scholarship Program.

For Pakistani students:

The sending partner is the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Islamabad Pakistan.

HEC is inviting applications from Pakistani/AJ&K nationals for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program launched by the Hungarian Government for undergraduate, one-tier masters, masters and Ph.D. studies.


Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships are available to Pakistani students who meet the basic criteria for certain disciplines and other requirements of Hungarian universities under the following programmes:

Bachelor’s Degree (after 12 years of education)One-Tier Master’s Degree (after 12 years of education)Master’s Degree (after 16 years of education)PhD degree (after 17/18 years of education)

The Pakistani students should visit the official webpage of HEC to get a full understanding of the eligibility criteria, application process and more useful information. Visit this link to apply on the HEC web portal.

The students from other countries should visit their Higher Education Commission web portal respectively.

Remember that the application would be started on the Stipendium Hungaricum web portal in the first place and at a later stage you would apply on the web portal of the higher education authority of your home country.

Consult studies abroad pays special attention to student course selection procedures by highlighting their previous academic records to avoid error-free application.

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