How to Register for the Online Everton Football Club Scholarship Trials

How to Register for the Online Everton Football Club Scholarship Trials

How to Register for the Online Everton Football Club Scholarship Trials

The home games of Liverpool-based Everton Football Club, also known as The Toffees, are held at Goodison Park. St. Domingo’s Football Club was established in 1878, with its original members being students from the adjacent institution of the same name. Everton was first established to provide sports facilities for students attending St. Domingo’s School, which at the time was located on Priory Road (the building was eventually knocked down in 1966). Everton quickly made a name for itself as one of England’s top football teams by taking home numerous national and international championships.

With regards to Everton Football Club Scholarship
Liverpool is home to the English football team Everton Football Club. The team has played 116 seasons in the top tier of English football and has nine League Championship victories. Players must not be enrolled with another professional club and be between the ages of 16 and 18 on the first of September of the year they intend to join the academy in order to be eligible for the Everton scholarship trials.

Players must submit a video showcasing their football prowess along with an online registration form. The application deadline is May 31. Successful candidates will be invited to a trial day at Everton’s Finch Farm training facility, where they will participate in drills and games while the academy staff keeps an eye on them.

Who may apply?

Every player between the ages of 16 and 18 is eligible to participate in the Everton Football Club scholarship trials. Players must be registered with the club and have played football for at least two years in order to be eligible. Players will be required to present a medical certificate as well as documentation of their football background.

The trials will be held at Everton’s practice facility over the course of two days. The club’s coaching staff will interview players in addition to putting them through a battery of physical and technical testing. The team that will earn a scholarship for the upcoming season will then be chosen by the club.

Procedure for Everton football academy trialists

Boys chosen by Club scouts are the only ones who can participate in the Everton Academy’s scheduled trials. A player is asked to write to the Academy with as much information as possible about themselves and the club(s) they play for if they feel they are truly deserving of a trial but have not been approached by a scout. The academy will then make an effort to arrange for a Club scout to observe the player.

Please use the following standards as a guide when supplying information to the Academy in writing:

current club or school
Age range and birthdate
list of fixtures (including kick-off times and venues)
Contact information, including a phone number and an address
If a player demonstrates potential, he may be invited to one of the academy’s development centers for evaluation and additional coaching from academy development officers.
However, in accordance with Premier League regulations, if he is of an extraordinary caliber, he can be welcomed right away to our Academy for a six-week trial term. The Club contacts the specific club where the player is registered to express its interest in him.

The benefits of applying

You must upload the following files when you apply online for the Everton football club scholarship trials:

filled-out application form
a recent picture
a copy of your passport or birth certificate
the latest copy of your school report
a letter of recommendation describing your character and ability from a coach, teacher, or other adult
copy of any past playing certificates or awards, if you have any


It is simple and only needs a few steps to submit an online scholarship trial application to Everton Football Club. Fill out the required information after creating an account on the website. After that, you can browse the trials that are offered and sign up for them.

You must fulfill a few standards in order to be eligible for the trials, but as long as you are committed and passionate about the sport, you shouldn’t have any trouble doing so. Good fortune!

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