How To Get An Internship: Complete Guide

How to Land an Internship: Complete Guide. Internships can help you gain industry experience, build your resume, and give you a sense of what it would be like to work in a particular position. Through an internship, students can gain knowledge about the culture and day-to-day business of the corporate sector. Internships can range from a few months to a year.

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To secure an internship position, you need to prepare by taking the following steps:

Do an industrial thesis

The industrial graduation project can be carried out in collaboration with industry. The thesis must deal with a scientific subject within the scope. The thesis work is usually performed at the company/institution under the supervision of two thesis advisors, one from the company/institution and an academic advisor from the university.

Completing the thesis in collaboration with a company is a great way to kick-start the student’s career: this will immediately open up interesting opportunities in the industry.

Graduation theses in the company have the great advantage that they are, among other things, very practical and application-related.

You can use a secure internship in the same industry after completing your graduate thesis or you can apply to another company for an internship or job. The chance of an internship is quite high after completing an industrial thesis.

CV & cover letter

At the top of your internship resume, include an objective statement detailing your professional career goals. List any relevant experience you have that may be helpful to the employer, such as completed courses, volunteer work, and leadership roles in clubs or organizations. Check the job description for keywords that apply to your background and include them on your resume.

Your internship cover letter gives you the opportunity to state the reason for your application. It is also a great opportunity to explain what you can do for the company. Write about your relevant experiences applicable to the position, examples of your work ethic and key skills.

Use reference

A letter of reference is a statement from a relevant professional explaining why an applicant would be a good candidate for a position.

Meanwhile, you should ask your professor to write a letter of recommendation for you. Because it is a good idea to choose someone who knows you and your work well. Therefore, you should provide this person with the job description of the internship, your resume and plenty of information.

Work for free

If you’re interested in working for a company that doesn’t offer an internship program, don’t give up right away.

So consider contacting the company’s human resources department to see if they would benefit from hiring an intern in the near future. They can also provide you with other opportunities outside of internships, such as part-time jobs, workshops, or other industry career development offers.

You can also ask to work for a company for free for the first 3 to 6 months. If the company likes your attitude towards the responsibilities you perform, the company would definitely hire you.

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