How Social Media Users Can Earn From Online Activities – Odoe | The Guardian Nigeria News

The founder and chief executive officer of Valleytop Communications Limited, Mr. Andrew Odoe, has launched a social networking platform, Valutok, to financially enrich its users for their day-to-day activities on the platform.

Odoe spoke of his drive for the initiative, linking it to the pandemic era and financial struggles people were facing despite their use of social media while comparing the huge profits made by social media platforms during that period.

According to him, people should be compensated given the time and data they exhaust on most social media platforms, as advertisers, telecom and social media giants would not be making huge profits without the people.

“I have had this dream for quite some time, but became more determined with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, which left people indoors, starving and in many cases coming online begging for data plans and stipends. A lot of people were out of jobs and begging for money online, so it got me thinking that if every social media user earned something from their online activities, many people wouldn’t have starved or suffered like they did during the lockdown and after. This actually inspired me to launch Valutok.

“Unlike other social media platforms that pay people only for premium video content, Valutok rewards its users for sharing updates, liking and commenting on posts. That’s “Your conversation gets the value” in pidgin.

“The fact that you can earn from Valutok even if you’re not a content creator makes it different from other apps. Tiktok is a video streaming app. You don’t earn on Tiktok just by sharing updates, commenting and responding to posts. You have to go to great lengths to create content and visual content, and still hope that many people will view and like the content before you earn anything on Tiktok. The same goes for Bigo and others. Valutok is totally different, free and easy to use.

“Overall, nothing beats Valutok right now where by simply posting, commenting or responding to someone’s post, you earn points that are automatically converted into money. It’s something completely different.”

“The ultimate goal of Valutok is for the platform to become a globally acclaimed app and partner with social media giants.

“Valutok will eventually grow into a globally acclaimed app that can benefit people around the world financially. The ultimate goal of Valutok is not only for people to network, share updates and connect, but for people to do all this and get something in return through the app available at Play Store.

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