How much does it cost to leave your fan on while you sleep tonight? | british news

The thought of how much it would cost to power a floor fan during the energy price crisis can be enough to send anyone into a cold sweat.

However, advice from on how to cost-effectively cool your home during the heat wave will put your mind at ease.

Research has shown that the average 110 watt floor fan consumes 2p per hour, or 40p per day if it is on for 20 hours.

This would add just £12 a month to your bill.

UK hotter than 98.8% of planet – latest heat wave

An air conditioning unit is the most expensive way to beat the heat. It costs 23p per hour, or £4.60 per day.

This will hit you with a utility bill that is £138 higher than usual.

Ceiling fans are not common in the UK, but they are extremely economical, consuming just 6 cents per day or £1.80 in energy per month.

If you don’t have a fan, you can keep your home cool by being tactical about how you use your windows.

Open your windows and keep blinds open in the morning and evening when it’s cool (also keep the windows open all night if it’s safe) and keep out the warm air and sunlight during the heat of the day.

A temperature of 40.3C (104.5F) was recorded in the Lincolnshire village of Coningsby on Tuesday – a new all-time British record.

How to stay safe in the heat – official advice

Stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm and avoid physical exertion

Drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess alcohol

Close curtains in rooms facing the sun

Never leave anyone in a parked car – and check in with older and vulnerable neighbors

Walk in the shade, apply sunscreen and wear a wide-brimmed hat

Check that medicines can be stored according to the instructions – and check that your refrigerators, freezers and fans are working properly

Explainer: Heat exhaustion and heat stroke – what’s the difference?

Earlier in the day, the mercury reached 39.1C (102.3F) at Charlwood in Surrey, breaking the previous record of 38.7C (101.7F) set in 2019 at Cambridge Botanic Garden.

The nighttime record was broken overnight as Kenley in Surrey reached 25.8C (78.4F), while Kew Gardens and Heathrow beat the previous temperature record at noon on Tuesday, with temperatures of 38.8C (101, 8F).

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