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After a long crypto bull run, the space startups and projects are curbing expectations and getting ready for a long haul crypto winter. It has been a particularly difficult time for DAOs, who have seen their coffers and native tokens dwindle, forcing them to cut spending as they try to spark enthusiasm within their communities. The crypto governance organizations have certainly made a big splash in the past year, but can most of them survive a downturn? That was our topic of conversation this week.

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This week, Lucas and Anita delved into OpenSea layoffs, the threat of Binance taking over Coinbase in the US market, and how the creators of Bored Apes are trying to build their own metaverse to take on Roblox and Meta. We also talked about this week’s rising crypto prices and why traders are suddenly feeling bullish.

Our guest: Upstream CEO Alexander Taub

DAO has been a very popular acronym among crypto supporters for the past year, from online investors who use them to crowdfund money to buy a copy of the Constitution, to major DeFi protocols pushing their governance towards these decentralized autonomous organizations. . This week, Anita and Lucas spoke to Alexander Taub, the CEO of DAO tooling startup Upstream, forcing him to discuss what DAOs do right and wrong and what they will look like after this crypto winter.

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