Few Reasons Why Some Women Do Not Like Using Condoms

This article discusses a number of the motives why ladies dislike condoms. Personal possibilities and fitness worries are most of the causes.


Condoms have been created to guard human beings from sexually transmitted ailments and infections, in addition to to save you unplanned pregnancies.

According to a record posted via way of means of MedicalNewsToday, those are a number of the motives why ladies dislike condoms:


1. They lead them to sense uneasy.


Condoms are stated to be uncomfortable via way of means of many human beings, and as a result, they pick out now no longer to apply them. However, this will increase the risk of ailments and undesired pregnancies.


The treatment to this hassle is to test with numerous kinds of condoms to locate which of them paintings best; opportunity condom sorts consist of woman condoms, which can be obtained at a drugstore.


2. They motive hypersensitive reactions in a few human beings.


Some human beings be afflicted by allergies, especially latex allergies, as latex is the maximum not unusualplace substance utilized in condoms.


Finding latex-loose or irritant-loose condoms, which can be acquired at a sanatorium or save that focuses on such products, is one solution to this hassle.


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