Dublin’s VRAI to develop ‘defense metaverse’ with VR training program

VRAI is working to create a synthetic environment in which military trainees can learn complex strategies in a safe and cost-effective way.

VRAI, a Dublin-based VR simulation company, is partnering with international defense technology company BAE Systems to create a VR and AI-led training program for military personnel.

During the program, the two companies will harness the potential of VR technology to train people in complex maneuvers in a safe environment. VRAI creates synthetic air, land, sea, space and cyber environments. The technology makes it possible to capture, store, analyze and present massive simulation datasets back to users and trainers.

Speaking about the partnership with BAE Systems, Niall Campion, co-founder of VRAI said, “We believe that data, especially data captured through virtual training, has the power to revolutionize the way military personnel preparing for operations. By capturing, storing and evaluating individual user performance data within simulation, we can deliver actionable insights to instructors, actionable insights, personalized for each learner. Our work with BAE Systems enables us to deliver these bringing insights straight to the frontline of training.”

VRAI is a former SiliconRepublic.com start-up of the week. During the pandemic, Campion told SiliconRepublic.com that VR technology could be a huge benefit for people who work remotely.

In August 2020, the company secured €1.2 million in funding to boost VR training technology during Covid-19. Last year, VRAI set up a technology training program for women with the national apprenticeship provider FIT.

VR training is a lucrative business worldwide, with Allied Market Research estimate that the market size could reach $601.85 billion by 2027.

BAE Systems hopes to deliver the first proof of concept for the program by the end of this year.

According to Stuart Atha, Defense Capacity Director for the Air Sector at BAE Systems, “The modern battlespace is constantly evolving and by partnering with cutting edge companies like VRAI we can rise to this challenge and help our armed forces stay ahead.”

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