Dublin VR Simulation Company Teams Up With Defense Contractor To Develop “Training Metaverse”

VRAI’s Partnership with BAE Systems Will Enable the Next Generation of Military Training

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VRAI, a Dublin-based VR simulation company VRAI has partnered with BAE Systems to harness the power of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate next-generation training for the ‘military forces of tomorrow’.

The two companies have ambitious plans to further develop one synthetic environment (metaverse) to enable air, land, sea, space and cyber forces to plug in and train side by side in one virtual world.

VRAI has developed advanced technology that allows them to provide performance insights using machine learning and massive data sets generated by synthetic training to help people who work in hazardous environments, including armed forces.


The first proof of concept, to be delivered by BAE Systems by the end of 2022, will see the company integrate multi-domain (air, land, sea, space and cyber) synthetic environments to enable complex collective training scenarios in a secure environment .

Military personnel all over the Western world are increasingly focused on using new technologies to take their personnel out of risk and reduce the environmental footprint of military training.

Defense Secretary Simon Coveney recently announced that the state’s defense budget would increase last week from €1.1 billion to €1.5 billion by 2028, with between now and then €8 billion being spent on defense in Ireland, with a greater focus on new technologies emerging there. likely to be part of.

Simulation and virtual training allow people to train in a wide variety of scenarios and hazardous environments, without exposing them to the risk of those scenarios, reducing the level of wear and tear on equipment and reducing the environmental footprint of training .

The collaboration between VRAI and BAE will enable the creation of a “training metaverse”. VRAI’s technology makes it possible to capture, store, analyze and present huge simulation datasets to the users in a useful way.

Founded in Ireland in 2017, VRAI’s cutting-edge technology combines virtual reality technology with data collection, analytics and machine learning (ML) to measure, evaluate and predict human performance and improve training outcomes. VRAI’s vision is to democratize simulation training by providing high-quality simulation capabilities, once the sole domain of elite roles such as pilots or surgeons, to anyone who needs it. They are also currently building a VR simulation solution for the offshore wind industry.

Niall Campion, VRAI co-founder and managing director for product & customers, said: “We believe that data, especially data captured through virtual training, has the power to revolutionize the way military preparing for operations. By capturing, storing and evaluating individual user performance data within simulation, we can deliver actionable insights to instructors, actionable insights, personalized for each learner. Our work with BAE Systems enables us to deliver these bringing insights straight to the frontline of training.”

“A single synthetic environment offers tremendous opportunities for collective training, delivering critical battlefield experiences without the challenges and limitations of live training and the limited war scenarios,” said Sir Stuart Atha, BAE Systems Defense Capability Director for the Air Sector.

“It is crucial for our armed forces to be able to use the data generated from simulation to tailor training for an individual. VRAI is a global leader in this field, so we are very excited to work with the team. The modern battlespace is constantly changing and by partnering with forward-thinking companies like VRAI we can meet this challenge and help our armed forces stay ahead.”

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