Dangerous Smartphone Apps You Should Remove Immediately

Dangerous Smartphone Apps: Almost everyone in the present day uses smartphones and in such situation, all phones will have many apps too. Apps downloaded from official platforms are also sometimes on the hacker’s radar i.e. hackers turn smartphone apps into a means of hacking and then get easy access to people’s data. Today we are going to tell you about some dangerous smartphone apps that you should never download and if you have downloaded them, you should uninstall them immediately. Also Read – Is Battlegrounds Mobile India Banned? Game removed from Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Certain smartphone apps can be dangerous

For your information, let us tell you that a dangerous Android malware threat has spread that has put thousands of Android smartphone users at risk. Because of this danger, many Google Play Store apps have been declared risky and downloading them can also drain users’ bank accounts. Also read – US government ‘tracks’ millions of people with location data from mobile phones

Remove these apps immediately

Let’s tell you about 14 apps that you should never download and if you have these apps on your phone, uninstall them immediately. Also Read – Ex-CIA Engineer Convicted of Mass Theft of Secret Information

They are

Junk CleanerEasyCleanerPower DoctorSuper CleanFull CleanerClean CacheFingertip CleanerQuick CleanerKeep CleanWindy CleanCarpet CleanCool CleanStrong CleanMeteor Clean


Android users who have any of the above apps installed on their phone are advised to uninstall it as soon as possible just to be safe. Also, change your social media account passwords after uninstalling the app.

(The above information has been provided by outside sources and the publication cannot independently confirm the truth of the claims made here. It is only the sharing of the information)


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