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Coding Black Females announce the launch of a new 30-week training bootcamp


Coding Black Females announce the launch of a new 30-week training bootcamp

Applications are open to Encoding Black Females Return to Tech – 30 weeks training bootcamp in collaboration with GCHQ!

Coding Black Females Announce the Launch of a New 30-Week Training Boot Camp, Return to Techin partnership with the UK’s intelligence, security and cyber agency, GCHQ, to support black women returning to technology.

Coding Black Females announced last week the launch of Return to Tech – a 30-week bootcamp designed to actively support black women as they return to the tech industry after a career break.

Returnships is an initiative designed to support and sponsor one’s journey back to their chosen career and has become increasingly popular in the tech industry over the years. Return to Tech provides a bridge back to work for black women in the tech industry who have taken a career break, providing them with opportunities to refresh their skills and relaunch their careers.

Coding Black Females support black women at the boot camp by providing access to quality training and supporting their journey back to tech work. Successful applicants are invited to apply for a Senior Software Engineer position at GCHQ. The role is dependent on successfully completing GCHQ’s recruitment process and passing developed vetting.

The bootcamp will begin on September 5 and training will take place in modern software development practices, cloud architecture and technical leadership and upon successful completion of each unit, certification for Cloud Practitioner, Solution Architect and MongoDB will be obtained.

Those who meet the eligibility criteria below can apply:

Over 18 years Based in the UK British citizen Female or gender minority Black or mixed heritage Previous experience in a technical role with hands-on coding experience. A career break of 1 to 7 years taken for parental leave, care responsibilities, change or a break.

Coding Black Females is the largest network of black female developers in the UK. Since launching in 2017, they have been committed to building their community, providing opportunities to learn and support the community through a variety of initiatives such as mentoring, recruiting, events and workshops, training and development, and boot camps. Over the past five years, Coding Black Females have built excellent and fast traction in the tech community, designing more than 10 programs and bootcamps, gaining more than 6.5K members, reaching more than 150 events and reaching a wider audience of over 25K worldwide.

Coding Black Females’ excellent reputation has earned them partnerships and sponsorships from some of the most respected companies and organizations around the world.

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