Check the qualifications to work as a junior financial analyst in Brooklyn, New York.

Check the qualifications to work as a junior financial analyst in Brooklyn, New York.

To guarantee accuracy and accountability, the Jr. Financial Analyst will be in charge of creating, enhancing, and monitoring revenue and spending reports. The ideal applicant is well-versed in time management, organization, and multitasking techniques. Along with having the capacity to actively think and act, the applicant must also have good autonomous reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. The junior financial analyst will often work with different internal departments. The senior director of FP&A is the immediate supervisor of this post.

Basic obligations and commitments

create a monthly departmental monitoring report of revenues and expenses;
help the month-end and year-end checkout processes be completed;
assist in monitoring performance in accordance with the budget and business strategy, and provide suggestions for change as necessary;
as it relates to sponsorship revenue, assist in the coordination of the customer relationship management system;
preparing and verifying reports on income from sales of kits, sponsorships, and tickets;
help with commission computation and cash collection tracking;
aid in the development and updating of financial reports sent to top authorities;
assist with league reports and audits, including those carried out by the NBA and NBPA;
Assist in completing assigned special tasks; create temporary reports as needed, such as dashboards for management reporting and excel modeling.


must be capable of using nested formulae, pivot tables, and search features in Microsoft Excel (knowledge of SQL or VBA is not necessary);
must be capable of using Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook;
good analytical abilities are required;
must possess a thorough grasp of financial analysis and the capacity to recognize, analyze, and articulate the strategic effect;
There must be a strict adherence to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of individuals while maintaining access to corporate data and documents;
must be flexible in their job to accommodate the stringent deadlines;
strong autonomous reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities are required;
Must be able to efficiently plan, coordinate, and complete several projects under a variety of time constraints;
Must be able to use unwavering judgment and discretion in interpersonal interactions;
must possess emotional intelligence and a strong sense of self;
Must possess extremely exceptional interpersonal and customer service communication skills;
Must be a cooperative and adaptable team member, both inside and outside of his field;
Excellent verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills are required, as well as the ability to collaborate with people via strong active listening abilities.
Must be able to recognize issues, their underlying causes, and viable remedies while effectively and uninterruptedly carrying out everyday tasks;
Strong decision-making skills based on weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative course of action are essential.

Knowledge and/or expertise

A bachelor’s degree in business management, accounting, finance, sports management, or economics is necessary;
at least 0–3 years of expertise in financial analysis.

Travel necessities

Those who don’t usually travel (5% for business): A relatively little amount of travel may be required for incumbents. Travel may include taking a flight and/or spending one or more nights away from home.

To utilize

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