Zubr announces launch of agency-focussed subbrand: Atom

Zubr, one of the UK’s top studios for augmented and virtual reality innovation, has shared some exciting news with us…

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GameSir X3 USB Type-C Mobile Controller – Review

The Cooling Is Not A Gimmick It Actually Works .   Ive reviewed a number of GameSir controllers here on…

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How High-Performing PCs Can Shape the Future of Work

The change to hybrid work, the increasing reliance on digital systems, and the growing user expectation for responsive and high-performing…

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Hacker Data Sale Of 48.5m Users Of Covid App

Personal data of 48.5 million Chinese citizens who used Shanghai’s Covid App, is being offered for sale by a hacker…

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Why Browser Isolation Is The Future Of Cybersecurity.

With the move from traditional tools to methods like Pixel-Pushing, here’s what you need to know about this robust form…

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A Real Estate Broker Sold Your House For 189 000

A land representative sold your home for $189,000. The agent’s bonus was 4.5% of the selling cost. What amount could…

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