Career Opportunities in the United States: Learn About the Top 7 Jobs for New Americans

Career Opportunities in the United States: Learn About the Top 7 Jobs for New Americans

Are you thinking about relocating to America? Are you curious to learn who makes the most money? Do you want to learn more about these individuals and strive to emulate them? discover the best-paying position for immigrants;

1. Petroleum engineers

They managed to make our list of the highest-paid careers with an estimated yearly compensation of $119,060. They are able to drill while offering technical guidance on how to advance the oil industry. Additionally, they are the ones that create business strategies to increase their oil and gas output.

2. Marketing executives

The average yearly salary for people in charge of sales, advertising, and different marketing strategies is $120,070.

3. Managers of information systems

The 10 highest-paid positions in the US are all found in the IT sector. They are in charge of overseeing their overall strategy as well as all aspects of information technology and systems. Each year, they are said to get $120,640.

4. Managers of engineering

These personnel are in charge of the numerous operations that take place inside the company. They oversee the activities of people in charge of information systems and the natural sciences. Management in engineering makes roughly $122,810 per year.

5. Natural Sciences Director

The Director of Natural Sciences, who tests and oversees the activities of other scientists working in different sectors, is rated sixth among the top paid occupations in the United States in the research and development sector and earns an average annual income of $127,000.

6. Attorneys

The legal profession requires seven years of education in order to become a lawyer. Following that, you may decide on your major and go on with the practice. A judge, politician, or even the future president of the United States might be the lawyer. They take home $129,020 on average each year.

7. The dentists

It takes the longest to train for among all vocations. A future dentist must work hard for eight years to learn and train before earning his first wage. They may be among the well-paid positions because of this, since their average yearly pay is $156,850.

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