Campaign Spark! Learn about the political process as a young person and create real change

Campaign Spark! As a young person, learn about the political process and create real change.

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Learn how to work on a political campaign and help candidates you believe in! Campaign Spark is a non-profit civic education organization that helps young people learn about the political process and create real change. Through our training program you will learn the ins and outs of a political campaign, hear directly from experienced political staffers/agents and discover the many and varied career opportunities that campaign work has to offer. At the end of our training program you will have the option to select one of the campaigns we have partnered with to begin your journey in politics.


In-depth training on how a political campaign works Opportunity to learn from experienced political agents Instruction on recruiting, telephone banking and basics of policy making Education on campaign jargon and professional language Guidance on best practices in the campaign world

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Must be 13 years or older on start dateMust have the ability to send and receive emailsMust have a functional internet connection

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